Science Trek
  EM Waves
    Evidence for EM Waves
    Catch the Wave
      Stadium Wave
    Electric Force
    Electric Force Fields
    Vibrating Charges
    Speed of Light Alg
      Lightspeed Measurement Alg
    Visualizing EM Waves Adv
    Loop of Forcelines Adv
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  Quantum Atom
    Spectral Lines
      Edvidence for Spectra
      Absorption Spectra
    Bohr's Atom
    Vibrating Charges rev. Adv
    Classical Orbits & QM Adv
      Balmer's Formula Alg
      Angular Momentum Alg
      Frequency/Energy Alg
    Waves & Matter Adv
      Circular Waves/Bohr Model Alg
    Photoelectric Effect Adv
    Planck's Constant Adv
      Units Adv
    Energy Levels
      Schroedinger's Atom
    Atomic Spectra
    Computing Frequencies Alg
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    Polarizing Filters
    Polarization Adv
      Blocking Light Adv
      Twisting Light Adv
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  Elements as Atoms
    Beyond Hydrogen
    Exclusion Principle
    Electron Configurations
    Clouds and Energy
    Electrons & Periodic Table I
    Electrons & Periodic Table II
      Crossover Energies Adv
      Quantum Numbers I Adv
      Quantum Numbers II Adv
      Quantum Numbers & Spin Adv
    Chemists' Periodic Table

  The Periodic Table
      Atomic Weight
        Atomic Mass Units
        Weight & Mass
        Mass Defect
      Alkali Metals
      Valences Adv
      Valence Pattern Adv
    Periodic Properties
      Atomic Number
    Atomic Structure I
      Atom Evidence
      Nucleus Evidence
      Neutron Evidence
    Atomic Structure II
    Chemical Reactions
    Transition Metals
    Lanthanides & Actinides
    Periodic Table Structure

  Isotopes & Radioactivity
    Beta Decay
      Mass & Energy Adv
    Radioactive Decay II
      Strong Force Adv
      Binding Energy Adv
      Meaning of Halflife