Einstein's Legacy
    Electromagnetic Theory R
    Quantum Mechanics R
    Making X-Rays
      Bremsstrahlung Adv
      K-Shell Emission Adv
      X-Ray Absorption Adv
      Light and Dark Spots Adv
      X-Ray Safety Adv
      X-Ray and DNA Adv

  CAT Scans
    Projecting Shadows
    X-Ray Scanning
    Back Projection
    Rib Cage Projection
      Auto Rib Cage Projection

  Microwave Ovens
    Electromagnetic Theory R
      Standing Wave
        Tile Analogy
    Water in a Microwave
    Eletric Forces & Water
    Forces of Microwaves
    Water & Friction
      More On Collisions
    Water Vapor & Ice

    Atom/Light Interaction
    Population Inversion
    Creating a Laser

  TV Screens
    The Big Picture
    B&W TV Screens
      Bright and Dark
      Bending Beams I
      Bending Beams II
    Color & Color TV
      Merging Color

  Laptop Screens
    Polarization R
    Liquid Crystals
    LCD's & Light
    Twisted Cells
    LCD's & Electric Fields
    Calculator Displays
    Laptop Screens
    Color Variation