Physics 2000 on CD-ROM

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UPDATE: Physics 2000 is no longer shipping CD-ROMs due to rising shipping costs and times. We are now offering a downloadable version of Physics 2000 for all educators, anywhere in the world. To qualify for the downloadable version, follow the process below.

- The Physics 2000 Team; July 2007

If you are an educator and interested in receiving a downloadable file of Physics 2000, please send a written request on institutional letterhead to:

Physics 2000 Team, Attn: Linda Wellmann
Department of Physics
University of Colorado
Campus Box 390
Boulder, CO 80309

Please include your school address, the subject and the grade/level you are teaching. If you request a download, we would appreciate your participation in our assessment study. We will contact you later with the details.

Also, PLEASE include your e-mail address in your letter. Otherwise we will have no way in which to conveniently reach you.

Your Physics 2000 team.

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