Book: Timeless Reality

Symmetry, Simplicity, and Multiple Universes

Prometheus Books, 2000

More Information. This page has several chapters of the book available for viewing.

International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, 2nd Edition

Published by Macmillan Reference USA (Thomson Gale). Link.

Contributions by Victor J. Stenger. Refer to published book for final versions


Clock Time

Encyclopedia of Time

To be published by Sage Publications.

Contributions by Vic Stenger

Virtual Particles are Real

How time reversibility enables you to treat virtual particles as real particles.

Solving the Time Travel Paradox

Excerpt from Chapter 8.

Solving the Quantum Measurement Problem

Excerpt from Chapter 8.

Solving the Schrodinger Cat Paradox

Excerpts from Chapters 6 and 8.

The Other Side of Time

Essay on the Secular Web.


Time Reversibility of the Stern-Gerlach  Experiment

It has been asserted that the Stern-Gerlach experiment is not time reversible. In this essay I prove in detail that it is.

TIME'S ARROWS POINT BOTH WAYS: THE VIEW FROM NOWHEN.  PDF. Article based on book that is published in Skeptic Magazine Vol. 8 No, 4 (2001)pp. 92-5. This may not correspond exactly to the published version which should be referred to if anything is being quoted.

A related book:

"The View From Nowhen." My review of Time's Arrow and Archimedes Point by Huw Price.

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