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  No. 21 In March, 2007

God: The Failed Hypothesis

How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist

  In my 2003 book Has Science Found God? I provided a critique of contemporary claims that science supports the existence of God and found them inadequate.  In this book, I  go much further and argue that science makes a strong case against the existence a God with the traditional attributes of the Judaic-Christian-Islamic God. My argument is not  based simply on the gross absence of evidence for this God. Not only is there no evidence for God, I  argue that the evidence we have can be used to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that this God does not exist. Not only does the universe show no evidence for God, it looks exactly as it would be expected to look if there is no God. In a final chapter I  show why it is preferable to live in a Godless universe.

Paperback Edition

The paperback edition is available. It has a foreword by the late Christopher Hitchens and a new Postscript by the author.

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The Comprehensible Cosmos  (2006)

Where Do The Laws of Physics Come From?

The laws of physics were not handed down from above. Nor are they somehow built into the logical structure of the universe. They are human inventions, though not arbitrary ones. They are not restrictions on the behavior of matter. They are restrictions on the way physicists may describe that behavior. In order to describe an objective reality, those descriptions cannot depend on the point of view of observers. They must be "point-of-view-invariant." When point-of-view invariance is implemented, the laws of physics follow with few additional assumptions. We live in a comprehensible cosmos.

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Has ScienceFound God?     (2003)

The Latest Results in the Search for Purpose in the Universe.

Published by Prometheus Books April, 2003. Order from

Sample chapters and related work. Go here to read a description of book and other material on religion and science. Copyrighted.

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Story about Has Science Found God in Boulder Daily Camera, Oct. 12, 2003, by books editor Clay Evans. Large file (2.5 Mb).


Ingersoll's Vow

The eloquent vow made by the nineteenth century freethinker Robert G. Ingersoll.
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