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Science and Religion. Essays and other information on connections between science and religion.

Cosmology and Cosmythology. Articles, essays, and reviews on cosmology, creation ex nihilo.

Time. How time is completely reversible, how this can account for the so-called paradoxes of quantum mechanics, and other writings on time.

Anthropics.  Articles on the fine-tuning arguments and anthropic principle. You can create your own universe here!

Physics and Metaphysics. Essays and articles on quantum mysticism and quackery.

Physics and Psychics, the Paranormal. Essays and other information on paranormal phenomena. Also look here for my Reality Check columns in Skeptical Briefs.

Particle Physics and Astrophysics. You can find links here, including Super-Kamiokande and 1998 results from this experiment including the first observation that neutrinos have mass.  Also, my 1985 paper in Nature, “Photinos from Cosmic Sources.”

Alternative Medicine. Articles that relate to alternative medicine and quackery and links to other pages on the subject.