Victor J. Stenger

Appearances by Vic Stenger



Feb 7. "Cosmic Creationism." Darwin Week. University of Colorado Secular Students and Skeptics Society. Old Main, University of  Colorado, Boulder, Colorado.
March 26. "Cosmic Creationism." Darwin Day. Alumni Center, University of New Orleans.

April 19. 5:30 pm. "The Folly of Faith" University of Bergamo, Bergamo Italy. 

May 15. The Folly of Faith. Orange County Freethought Alliance. Orange County Airport Hilton, Southern California.

Sept 10. "Science and God." University of Utah, Salt Lake City. 

Sept 17. God and Science. UU church, Pueblo, CO.  Discussion at  Sunday morning service the next morning. 

Oct 8. Faster-Than-Light? Philosophical and Theological Implications. Presented at the 2011 Texas Freethought/Atheist Alliance of America Convention, Houston.

Oct 22. CFI Vancouver. "Science and God."

Nov. 10. The Disproof Atheism Society, Boston University "The Incompatibility of Science and Religion."


Feb 18. University of Colorado, Boulder. Secular Students and Skeptics Society Darwin Day "Is the Universe Designed for Us?"

Mar 1-4. CFI Meeting Orlando Moving Secularism Forward. "The Fall of Foolish Faith."

Mar 7. Arapahoe Community College, Littleton, CO. "Science and God."

Apr 14. Greer-Heard Forum New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. "Life After Death: Evaluating the Evidence."

Apr 20, 21. Humbolt St. University, Arcata CA. HSU Philosophy Forum Science & Spirituality: Falling Awake to Diversity. Keynote Speech "God and the Folly of Faith."  

May 7. Is Christianity Anti-Science?” Opening and closing statements for debate at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR. Socratic Club. Debate with Andy Karplus, chair of Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Aug 31-Sep 2. Denver. Atheist Alliance of America convention. Keynote speaker. "God, Atoms, and the Higgs Boson."

Sep 20. Golden, CO. Colorado School of Mines. "God and the Atom."

Oct 18. Boulder, CO. Torch Club. "God and the Atom."

Nov 7. Boulder, CO. Socrates Cafe. "Why is there Something Rather than Nothing?


May 19. "The Atheistic Atom." Imagine No Religion-3, Kamloops, BC.


Intelligent Life in the Universe.Talk at Boulder Socrates Café, March 5, 2014.

Christianity in the Light of Modern Science.  Talk to the Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, April 16, 2014.




May 2. Filming for UK production on Science and God


June 2. Taping of Radio interview KGNU Boulder, Jim Banks.


June 3. “Quantum Gods” book talks at Boulder Bookstore.

June 25. Brussels. “The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning” “Quantum Gods” Vrije Universiteit Brussel, (VUB) Campus Etterbeek (Brussels, Belgium).


June 26. Brussels. Interview with Joel De Ceulaer, Knack magazine.


July 22. Tattered Cover Bookstore  Denver, CO. “Quantum Gods.”

Aug 26.  Colorado Springs, The Gill Foundation. “The New Atheism.”  


Oct 7. Ft Collins. Colorado State U. Leaders in Freethought.


Oct 15. Topeka. Atheists Community of Topeka

Oct 17  St. Louis. St Louis Atheists, Rationalist Society of St. Louis, St. Louis Skeptical Society.

Oct 18. Memphis. Neshoba Unitarian Church

Oct 19. Memphis. Benjamin J. Hooks Central Library. Informal discussion.


Oct 22. Jackson, Miss. Ford Academic Millsaps College. Central Mississippi Atheist  Philosophy Department, Millsaps.

Oct 24. New Orleans. Auditorium of Dominion Learning Center at Audibon Park Zoo. New Orleans Secular Humanism Organization.

Oct, 29 Austin TX, Threadgill’s Old Number One. Atheist Community of Austin.

Nov. 6 “The New Atheism.” Metro State Atheists (CFI). Metro State College Denver. Auraria campus.


Nov 12 Chapman Hall Trinity U. San Antonio, TX. Dept. of Religious Studies.

Nov 13. Trinity U. San Antonio, TX. Dept. of Religious Studies.

Nov. 14 Sat. speech and panel at Texas Freethought Convention. Alzafar Temple, San Antonio, Tex.

Nov. 20, 21 Skepticon in Springfield, MO. Missouri State campus. Panel debate “Does God Exist.” Talk on The New Atheism.


Dec. 13. Humanists of Colorado. First Universalist at Hampton and Colorado, Denver.


Jan 26, 2. Williams College, Mass.

Feb 20. University of California at San Diego Student Services Center

Feb 21. CFI Hollywood, Costa Mesa Community Center.

March 1. “Does God Exist?” Debate with William Lane Craig, Socratic Society, Oregon State University.

March 10. Indiana State University, Bloomington, IN.

March 3. Appalachian State University, Boone, NC.

May 2. Pellissippi State Technical Community College, Knoxville, TN. Rationalists of East Tennessee.

June 5. Boston University. Disproof Atheism Conference on Evidence Against God.

June 7. Tufts University Physics Department. “Fine Tuning.”

June 18-20. Gods and Politics conference at Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen.

June 22. Skeptics in the Pub, The Penderel’s Oak, London,.

July 16-18. CFI Meeting Washington, DC

October 7. Why Religion Must Be Confronted

Opening remarks presented in the debate “Science and Religion: Confrontation or  accommodation” at The 30th Anniversary Conference of Free Inquiry and the Council for Secular Humanism,” Los Angeles. Published in Free Inquiry June/July 2011.

Oct 21. Jefferson Memorial Lecturer, Jefferson Center., Ashland, OR.

Nov 19-21. Skepticon 3, Springfield, MO.