Encyclopedia of Time

Project Description:

This three-volume, comprehensive and interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Time is a unique collection of over 850 signed entries that focuses on topics and thinkers in science, technology, mathematics, philosophy, theology, and the humanities. Included are relevant articles on: maps, clocks, motion, black holes, gravity, time travel, telescopes, space exploration, organic evolution, special relativity, general relativity, and the grand unified theory. Biographic entries include: Aristotle, Aquinas, Bruno, Leibniz, Newton, Darwin, Nietzsche, Bergson, Einstein, Heidegger, Whitehead, and Hawking. The contributions are authored by over 200 international experts, professors, and scholars from some of the most distinguished universities, academic institutes, and research centers in the world. Edited by H. James Birx.

Published by Sage Publications. Thousand Oaks, CA, 2009. Three volumes.

Contributions by Victor J. Stenger

Planck Time

Time, Arrow of

Time, Asymmetry of

Time, Operational Definition of

Time, Symmetry of

Time, Units of

Universe, Origin of

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