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philosophy and the general degree requirements

Listed below are the philosophy courses that satisfy College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum requirements. A single course may not be used to satisfy more than one core requirement. For more on the core requirements and for the most up-to-date information on which philosophy courses satisfy which requirements, please visit

Ideals and Values (3 semester hours)
1000   Introduction to Philosophy
1100   Ethics
1160   Introduction to Bioethics
1200   Philosophy and Society
1600   Philosophy and Religion
2200   Major Social Theories
2610   Paganism to Christianity
3100   Ethical Theory
3110   Feminist Practical Ethics
3140   Environmental Ethics
3160   Bioethics
3190   War and Morality
3200   Social and Political Philosophy
3260   Philosophy and the International Order
3600   Philosophy of Religion

Historical Context (3 semester hours)
1010   Historical Introduction to Philosophy: Ancient Thought
1020   Historical Introduction to Philosophy: Modern Thought
3000   History of Ancient Philosophy (no prerequisite)
3010   History of Modern Philosophy
3410   History of Science: Ancients to Newton
3430   History of Science: Newton to Einstein

United States Context (3 semester hours)
1200   Philosophy and Society
2220   Philosophy and Law

Natural Science - partially satisfies (3 semester hours)
1400   Philosophy and the Sciences
3410   History of Science: Ancients to Newton
3430   History of Science: Newton Einstein

Human Diversity (3 semester hours)
2270   Philosophy and Race
2290   Philosophy and Women

Written Communication (3 semester hours)
1500  Reading, Writing, and Reasoning
3480  Critical Thinking and Writing in Philosophy

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