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the road to graduation

A guide for students planning to graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences

The following information will assist you in planning for graduation.
It's never too early to think ahead toward your graduation!

□ Begin working on MAPS and Core Curriculum requirements.
□ Meet with your Primary Advisor at the recommended times to review your progress.
□ Keep your address current with the Registrar's Office.
□ If you are interested in the four-year guarantee, you will need to pay close attention to the guidelines throughout your four years to make sure you are meeting all the requirements.

□ Complete any remaining MAPS requirements as soon as possible.
□ Take additional courses toward Core Curriculum and your major requirements.
□ Keep your address current with the Registrar's Office.
□ Meet with your Primary Advisor if you have questions or difficulties, as well as during pre-registration to plan your schedule for the following semester.

□ Major must be declared by the time 60 credit hours have been completed toward graduation.
□ Meet with your Primary Advisor to plan out coursework for your major and your remaining college requirements.
□ Keep your address current with the Registrar's Office.
□ Contact your Primary Advisor if you have questions or difficulties, are thinking of changing your major, working toward a double major, or making other changes in your degree plans.

□ Meet with your Primary Advisor and complete graduation materials at lease one semester before your planned graduation date.
□ After meeting with your advisor, turn your completed graduation packet in to the Academic Advising Center Main Office, Woodbury 109.
□ Obtain a receipt for your graduation packet and keep the receipt with your copies of your graduation materials.
□ Keep your address current with the Registrar's office, and with your Primary Advisor.
□ Be sure to read and keep any materials sent to you concerning graduation.
□ The Commencement Office will send out information via e-mail about cap and gown rental, announcements, and the graduation ceremony approximately six weeks before graduation.
□ Stay in contact with your Primary Advisor concerning your requirements and your progress toward graduation.

Please visit these web sites for additional information on requirements, advising and graduation:

Graduation FAQs

Do I need to see my advisor if I have been keeping track of requirements myself?

Yes, you do! There may be a problem that would be discovered by your advisor in an appointment. If you delay meeting with your advisor, you may not have time to correct the problem and may have to postpone your graduation.

What is the deadline to apply for graduation?
For graduation in May: April 1, 2014 (to appear in program); May 2, 2014 (to apply online)
For graduation in August: April 1, 2014 (to appear in program); August 8, 2014 (to apply online)
For graduation in December: November 1, 2014 (to appear in program); December 12,, 2014 (to apply online)

When do I have to have my correspondence course work finished?
For graduation in May: May 1*
For graduation in August: August 1*
For graduation in December: December 1*
(*or the next working day if this date falls on a weekend or a holiday)
What is the deadline for finishing my incomplete (IW or IF) from last semester?
For graduation in May: May 1*
For graduation in August: August 1*
For graduation in December: December 1*

Can I take a Maymester course to finish my one remaining requirement and graduate in May?

No, you will need to apply for August graduation. Maymester is considered part of the Summer Session and cannot be used to graduate in May.

When/Where do I get my cap and gown?
The Commencement Office sends out information via e-mail on cap and gown rental, announcements, ceremony details and diploma availability approximately six weeks prior to the ceremony.

When will my degree show on my transcript?
Degrees are posted to transcripts approximately one month after the graduation ceremony.

When can I get my diploma?
There is a diploma pick-up day scheduled approximately six weeks after the graduation ceremony. All diplomas not picked up on that day will be mailed to the permanent address you indicated on your graduation materials.

I went through the ceremony so that means I graduated, doesn't it?
Not necessarily... grades are not final until approximately two weeks after the graduation ceremony, at which time your Primary Advisor begins the final graduation check process. By working closely with your Primary Advisor throughout your years at CU, you can be sure of where you stand regarding requirements.

How will I know if there was a problem with my graduation?
If your Primary Advisor discovers during final graduation check that you did not meet all requirements, a letter detailing the deficiencies will be sent to your permanent mailing address.

If I pre-registered for the next semester do I need to do anything about those classes?
Yes, if you are not planning to attend, you will need to formally withdraw at the Registrar's Office.

Can I graduate with one course or requirement incomplete and finish it later?
No, you will not be officially graduated until all requirements are completed.

Some of the most common reasons students DO NOT GRADUATE...
• Correspondence Courses not completed on time.
• Incompletes (IW or IF) from past semesters not completed by the deadline.
• Failed course(s) in last semester.
• Earned a grade of "D" in major requirement.
• Not enough hours completed.
• Too many hours taken in the major department.
• Major or cumulative GPA below the 2.00 required.
• Wanted to "walk through ceremony" with friends.


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