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  • Students must attend a philosophy major meeting to declare the major. They are held in Hellems 269 and last about 50 minutes.

  • To sign up for a Philosophy major declaration meeting (or find out more info about the major): Click on the "Change my Major Meeting" button and then choose Philosophy from the pull-down menu.

  • To declare Philosophy as your minor please attend drop in hours (below) or email from your account the following:
    Subject: Add PHIL-min
    Body: Please add the philosophy minor. Your FirstInitial.Yourlastname, Your student number (no dashes or spaces)

  • To remove Philosophy as a major or minor please attend drop in hours (below) or email from your account the following:
    Subject: Remove PHIL-major (or minor)
    Body: Please remove the Philosophy major (or minor). Your First Initial.Yourlastname, Your student number (no dashes or spaces)

To make an appointment for advising, go to the online appointment system. If there are no open appointments showing on the system, check back the next day to see if new appointments have been opened up.

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Abbey Strusz
Philosophy Undergraduate Advisor
Office: Hellems 8A
Phone: (303) 492-7922

Ms. Strusz is a professional academic advisor who works in the College of Arts & Sciences Academic Advising Center. If you are a philosophy major, Ms. Strusz is your main academic advisor. See Ms. Strusz for your central advising needs, such as declaring or undeclaring a PHIL major or minor, help with a degree audit, questions about the specific requirements of the PHIL major or minor, discussing your graduation timeline, applying for graduation, and the like.

Spring 2015 Walk-in Hours
Monday 1-3
Wednesday 9:30-11:30

Spring 2015 Hours By Appointment

Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
David Youkey
Office: Hellems 164B

Dr. Youkey is a member of the Philosophy faculty and his main job is teaching. See Dr. Youkey for questions about which philosophy classes to take that a working philosopher might be better able to answer, for questions about what different courses and faculty are like, for questions about graduate study in philosophy, for advice on how to convince your parents that being a philosophy major really is a good idea, or perhaps just for a reading recommendation or to discuss a philosophical question. Dr. Youkey is also the person who approves the "Allied Fields" requirement for those on the Values and Social Policy Track of the major.

Spring 2015 Walk-in Hours
Thursday 9-11

Spring 2015 Hours By Appointment

For more information about major requirements, please review the Philosophy major requirements.

For more information about the minor requirements, please review the Philosophy minor requirements.


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