12th Annual Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference
  a Philosophical Conference Hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder

The Graduate Philosophy Society of the University of Colorado at Boulder presents

The 2010 Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference

April 9-10, 2010

Invited Speakers

Andrew Bailey
University of Notre Dame
"Composition and Consciousness"

James Brantner
Brandeis University
"God, Action, and Possible Worlds"

Christopher Cloos
San Jose State University
"Against the Total Evidence Requirement"

Scott Hagaman
University of Notre Dame
"Have Mentalism and Evidentialism been refuted?"

Christopher Howard
Brandeis University
"Morality, Personal Relationships, and Conflict: A Response to Christine Korsgaard"

Nickolas Montgomery
Brandeis University
"Contingent Moral Facts and Offensive Worlds"

Bradley Rettler
University of Notre Dame
"No Epistemic Norm of Assertion"

Matt Sayball
Virginia Tech
"Penumbral Connections"

Mark Sentesy
Boston College
"How Time is Related to Motion"

Andrew Serementis
University of Wyoming
"Can Functionalism Accommodate Extended Cognition?"