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Philosophy 1500

This class will introduce you to the analysis of texts designed to present philosophical ideas and arguments, and to the process of argumentative essay writing. Thus, this is both a course designed to help you refine your skills as a writer of argumentative essays, regardless of what you mean to argue about, and also a course that introduces you to the study and practice of philosophy.

Philosophy 3480

This course is designed to train students in how to read philosophical texts, how to interpret them accurately, and how to reconstruct arguments without doing violence to the intentions of their authors. As a secondary matter, students learn how to criticize and evaluate arguments and the philosophical texts through which they are expressed, and to develop skills in composing both exegetical and critical philosophical essays.

Philosophy Research Resources at University of Colorado Libraries

Andreas Teuber's wonderful philosophy page

Jonathan Bennett's wonderful Early Modern Philosophy Texts page

Jason Potter

is a Lecturer at CU-Boulder. His teaching emphasis is the history of philosophy, ancient and modern. His research interests include contemporary, 20th century and early modern epistemology, philosophy of mind, aesthetics and philosophy of language.

Contact Information

Phone: 303-402-9465 (cell: 720-252-0643)
Email: Jason.Potter@Colorado.EDU
Office: Hellems 164B
Office Hours: 12:00 p.m.-12:45 MWF, 2:00-3:00 p.m. Th, or by appointment.

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