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Marc Bekoff
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Research Interests: Ethology, animal behavior, behavioral ecology, development and evolution of behavior, social communication and organization, animal protection, cognitive ethology, animal cognition.
Christopher Braider
French and Italian
Research Interests: 17th-century French literature, modern philosophy, literary theory.

Andrew Calabrese
Journalism and Mass Communication
Research Interests: The relationship between communications media and citizenship, with an emphasis on theoretical and practical issues of media and globalization.

Michaele Ferguson
Political Science
Research Interests: Contemporary Political Theory, Democratic Theory, Politics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Feminist Theory.

Allan Franklin
Research Interests: The history and philosophy of science, with particular emphasis on the role of experiment in physics.

Richard Laver
Research Interests: Set theory.

David Mapel
Political Science
Research Interests: Contemporary moral and political theory (theories of social justice, political obligation and authority, democratic theory, First Amendment issues), ethical issues in international relations (military intervention, secession, just war theory, global distributive justice, international law and society).
Laura Michaelis
Research Interests: Tense and aspect, corpus syntax, spoken-language syntax, discourse pragmatics, prosody, Construction Grammar, simulation semantics, Latin syntax and semantics.
Don Monk
Research Interests: Logic, Boolean Algebras.

Michael Mozer
Computer Science
Research Interests: Computational modeling, machine learning architectures and algorithms, integrated symbolic and subsymbolic computation, speech recognition, data mining, neural networks, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience.
Jan Mycielski
Research Interests: Philosophy of Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, Theory of Knowledge.

Martha Palmer
Linguistics, Computer Science
Research Interests: Computational Linguistics, with a special emphasis on Semantics and its use in natural language processing applications such as Machine Translation, Information Extraction and Question Answering.
Vic Stenger
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy, University of Hawaii.
Research Interests: Philosophy of science, science and religion.

Steve Vanderheiden
Political Science
Research Interests: normative political theory, environmental politics, environmental ethics, democratic theory.


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