The Morris Colloquium, an annual conference in memory of Bertram Morris (Professor of Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder) is organized by Philosophy Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder and supported by the generous contributions of the Bertram Morris Fund, the Council for Research and Creative Work, the Center for Humanities and Arts, and the Dean's Fund for the Excellence.

University of Colorado at Boulder
The Spring 2008 Morris Colloquium
March 7-8, 2008


--- Friday, March 7, 2008 ---

Friday’s talks will be in the Morris Reading Room (Hellems 269), except for the 3:30 talk, which will be in Humanities 150.

9:00 Stephen Downes (Utah)
“Evolutionary Psychology, Adaptation and Design”
Morris Reading Room (Hellems 269)

10:15 Ross Cameron (Leeds)
“Truthmaking for Presentists”
Morris Reading Room (Hellems 269)

11:30 Joseph Moore (Amherst College)
"Musical Works: a Metaphysical Mash-Up"
Morris Reading Room (Hellems 269)

2:00 Jeffrey King (Rutgers)
“Complex Demonstratives as Quantifiers: Objections and Replies”
Morris Reading Room (Hellems 269)

3:30 Michael McKenna (Florida State)
“Agent Meaning and an Expressive Theory of Moral Responsibility”
Humanities 150

--- Saturday, March 8, 2008 ---

Saturday’s talks will be in Vail.

6:00 Nicole Hassoun (Carnegie Mellon)
“Why Libertarians Should Be Welfare Liberals”

7:00 Elizabeth Barnes (Leeds)
“Disability and Adaptive Preferences”

8:00 TBA