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recent MA and PhD theses

Links go to an abstract of the thesis on file at ProQuest, through which the full thesis can be accessed. To link to these pages, your institution needs to subscribe to ProQuest’s service. CU Boulder users working off campus will need to access through a VPN. Please alert the webmaster to any mistakes or omissions.

PhD Theses, 1999-

Austin, Michael W (PhD 2004). Parental rights and obligations (Advisor: David Boonin)

Barnes, David (PhD, 2010). Close combat privatization: exploring ethical dimensions of the armed contractor phenomenon (Advisor: Alastair Norcross)

Belcher, Devon (PhD 2005). On words: An essay on beliefs, belief attributions and the ontology of language (Advisors: George Bealer, Michael Tooley)

Buxbaum, Jeremy (PhD 2003). The metaphysical foundations of identity over time (Advisor: Christopher Shields)

Cameron, Rich (PhD 2000). Teleology in Aristotle and contemporary philosophy of biology: An account of the nature of life (Advisor: Christopher Shields)

Catala, Amandine (PhD 2011). Beyond political legitimacy: Reframing the normative question of secession (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Chockley, Adrienne (PhD 1999). Self-authored life stories: A narrative conception of personal autonomy (Advisor: Jim Nickel)

Cook, Timothy (PhD 2000). Persons of good will: Community, civility, and pluralism in the contemporary discourse on values (Advisor: Claudia Mills)

Daley, Kenneth (PhD 2007). Concepts as constructions: Structure, content, and innateness (Advisor: Graham Oddie)

Demetriou, Daniel (PhD 2009). Honor among theories (Advisor: Graham Oddie)

Demetriou, Kristin (PhD 2012). Free will fundamentals: Agency, determinism, and (in)compatibility (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Donoghue, Elizabeth (PhD 2004). Teleology, perfectionism, and communitarianism in Aristotle's political naturalism (Advisor: Christopher Shields)

Earl, Dennis (PhD 2002). A defense of the classical view of concepts (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Emerick, Barrett (PhD 2011). Apology as an indispensable practice of moral repair (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Everett, Jennifer (PhD 2001). The ethics of consumption: Individual responsibilities in a consumer society (Advisor: David Boonin)

Figueroa, Robert (PhD 1999). Debating the paradigms of justice: The bivalence of environmental justice (Advisor: Claudia Mills)

Gayle, Rhett (PhD 2002). Multiplying models: Personal identity, dissociation and the possibility of healthy multiplicity (Advisor: Luc Bovens)

Geenen, Richard (PhD 1999). Self-predication in Plato: The 'formal' explanation (Advisor: Christopher Shields)

Glaser, Tanya (PhD 2000). The human intuition, or: How to discourse with everyone who is anyone (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Gosselin, Abigail (PhD 2005). Individual agency within political contexts: Responsibility for global poverty (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Hall, Bryan (PhD 2005). Kant, realism, and anti-realism (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Hanna, Jason (PhD 2008). Protecting people from themselves: A defense of hard paternalism (Advisor: David Boonin)

Harris, John (PhD 2005). Moral indeterminacy and the specification model of political obligation (Advisor: David Boonin)

Hess, Kendy (PhD 2009). 'No body to kick, no soul to damn'...and yet: The modern corporation as moral agent (Advisor: Graham Oddie)

Higgins, Peter (PhD 2008). Immigration justice: A proposal for developing just admissions policies (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Hildebrand, Tyler (PhD 2011). Empiricism, Natural Regularity, and Necessity (Advisor: Michael Tooley)

Hsieh, Diana (PhD 2009). Better good than lucky: An Aristotelian solution to the problem of moral luck (Advisor: Michael Huemer)

Hyde, Jason (PhD 2012). Caring satisfactionism: A new theory of personal welfare (Advisor: Christopher Heathwood)

Jensen, Jon (PhD 2000). Balancing liberty and environment: The prospects for greening liberalism (Advisor: Claudia Mills)

Jones, Richard (PhD 2000). Philosophies of community: An inquiry into African-American sociopolitical thought (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Kang, Hye-Ryoung (PhD 2007). Rethinking global justice in non-ideal conditions (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Keenan, Fred (PhD 2003). Evil and the existence of God (Advisor: Wesley Morriston)

Kelly, Chris (PhD 2003). A theory of the good (Advisor: Graham Oddie)

King, Audra (PhD 2003). Democratizing development: A gendered analysis of global development (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Kramer, Jon (PhD 2002). Natural, wild and free: A discourse on environmental value (Advisor: Graham Oddie)

Krizan, Mary (PhD 2010). Metaphysical and explanatory implications of Aristotle's elements in "On Generation and Corruption" (Advisor: Mi-Kyoung Lee)

Lomelino, Pamela (PhD 2011). Revising the philosophical foundation for informed consent guidelines in international research on human subjects (Advisors: David Boonin and Eric Chwang)

Lovering, Robert (PhD 2001). The concept of worldview in contemporary philosophy of religion (Advisor: Ed L. Miller)

Lyles-Chockley, Adrienne (PhD 1999). Self-authored life stories: A narrative conception of personal autonomy (Advisor: Jim Nickel)

Lynch, Jay (PhD 2011). Liberal-democratic education and the challenge of religion (Advisor: Claudia Mills)

Mahlberg, Ben (PhD 2002). By what authority? Science, theology, and knowledge claims (Advisor: Ed Miller)

Maiese, Michelle (PhD 2005). Mental causation, trying, and the emotions (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Martel, Iain (PhD 2000). Probabilistic empiricism: In defence of a Reichenbachian theory of causation and the direction of time (Advisor: Michael Tooley)

McCulloch, Alison (PhD 2003). Freedom and reason: Kant's construction of morality (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Metcalf, Thomas (PhD 2009). Rational intuition (Advisor: Michael Huemer)

Moffett, Marc (PhD 2003). Communication, meaning and the attitudes: Toward a general theory of content (Advisor: George Bealer)

Montague, Michelle (PhD 2002). Intentionality and its objects (Advisor: Graham Oddie)

Mott, Ryan (PhD 2009). State legitimacy and the international state system (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Pageler, Benjamin (PhD 2011). The explanatory value of the cognitive unconscious (Advisor: Robert Rupert)

Peeters, Jonathan (PhD 2009). The building blocks of reality: Atomism in the 17th and 18th centuries (Advisor: Robert Pasnau)

Petersen, Heidi (PhD 2006). The relevance of the animal liberation movement to environmental ethics (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Phelan, Elizabeth (PhD 2001). Human gene transfer: Lessons from our eugenic past (Advisor: Luc Bovens)

Potter, Jason (PhD 2000). Kant's Refutation of Idealism (Advisors: Robert Hanna, Wayne Waxman)

Powley, Carol (PhD 1999). An exploration of a Merleau-Pontyan approach to cognitive ethology (Advisor: Forrest Williams)

Reeves, Donna (PhD 2008). U.S. culture and the politics of wilderness (Advisor: Michael E. Zimmerman)

Roberts, Matthew (PhD 2006). A historical survey and conceptual account of states of affairs (Advisor: Michael Tooley)

Sander-Staudt, Maureen (PhD 2002). Caring for justice, justifying care: Toward political philosophy of care (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Shaw, April (PhD 2010). Disappearing injustices: The invisibility of gender and racial injustice in Thomas Pogge's analysis of severe poverty and human rights (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Singpurwalla, Rachel (PhD 2002). A platonic theory of motivation (Advisor: Christopher Shields)

Smith, Renee (PhD 2002). Qualia, introspection, and transparency (Advisor: Daniel Stoljar)

Studtmann, Paul (PhD 1999). Hylemorphism and Aristotle's categorial scheme (Advisor: Christopher Shields)

Sturgis, Daniel (PhD 2002). Prairies and paintings: The aesthetic appreciation of nature and art (Advisor: John Andrew Fisher)

Szabo, Tait (PhD 2007). In defense of commodification (Advisor: David Boonin)

Tedesco, Matthew (PhD 2004). The moral problem of friendship (Advisor: David Boonin)

Warren, Kacey (PhD 2012). Recognizing justice for citizens with cognitive disabilities (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Weynand, Theresa (PhD 2005). Moral thinking in a global context: Making room for diverse conceptions of moral reasoning (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Wilcox, Michelle (PhD 2001). Citizenship as civic integration: A model of political membership for an era of migration (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Wisor, Scott (PhD, 2009). Developing a new global poverty metric: Toward a pro-poor approach (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Wyckoff, Jason (PhD 2009). In defense of philosophical anarchism: the case against political obligations (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Yuan, Lijun (PhD 2002). Reconceiving women's equality in China: A critical examination of models of sex equality (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Zerella, Michael (PhD 2012). Biological mechanisms and evolution (Advisor: Carol Cleland)

MA Theses, 2005-

Betz, Adam (MA 2008). Rights, self-defense, and responsibility: A revision of Thomson's account of self-defense (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Case, Spencer (MA 2012). The cosmos of duty is not in chaos: A defense of the unity of practical reasons (Advisor: Christopher Heathwood)

Chan, Rebecca (MA 2011). A new model for libertarian free will in an eternalist theory of time (Advisor: Bradley Monton)

Feuer, Daniel (MA 2008). Global justice and negative rights (Advisor: Eric Chwang)

Fleming, Lark (MA 2009). Free will, agency, and life (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Fruh, Kyle (MA 2005). Moral disagreement and ethical intuitionism: Implications and allegations (Advisor: Michael Huemer)

Gronholz, Shane (MA 2008). Reasons, morality and God (Advisor: Christopher Heathwood)

Hackett, Brett (MA 2008). Temporal incompatibilities: Substantivalism, A-passage, and physical phenomena (Advisor: Michael Tooley)

Ivy, John (MA 2006). Eliminativism without materialism (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Kern, Derek (MA 2008). How do I know that I am thinking about water? Externalism, self-knowledge, and the fallacy of incompatibilism (Advisor: David Barnett)

Kifer, Stephen (MA 2006). Individual responsibility in the context of genocide (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Kling, Jennifer (MA 2009). Phenomenology, intentionality, empathy, and the end of separatism (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Kobil, Emma (MA 2010). Happiness is a warm nun: Why we should reject sophisticated consequentialism and strive to be moral saints (Advisor: Alastair Norcross)

Krogstad, Randy (MA 2010). Method, Explanation, and Epistemic Justification in Historical Natural Science (Advisor: Carol Cleland)

Morsella, Ricardo (MA 2007). Concerning the Two Worlds Theory in Plato's metaphysical epistemology (Advisor: Mitzi Lee)

Moschella, Marlisa (MA 2007). When racism goes institutional: A defense of institutional racism in the face of individualist criticisms (Advisor: Alison Jaggar)

Nelsen, Christian (MA 2012). Integrative unities and the persistence of persons across time (Advisor: David Boonin)

Robinson, Brian (MA 2006). Not near enough: Kim, physicalism, and property dualism (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Salazar, David (MA 2009). A comparative analysis of the philosophical/theological views of Alvin Plantinga and Cornelius Van Til: Metaphysics and epistemology (Advisor: Ed L. Miller)

Scheopner, Cynthia (MA 2008). Deity, dogma and doubt: The Mormon response to the problem of evil (Advisor: Wesley Morriston)

Schulz, Christina (MA 2006). An analysis of intuition (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Smith, Anthony (MA 2008). How to hold groups responsible (Advisor: Claudia Mills)

Statman, Katriel (MA 2010). The necessity of our philosophy of mind intuitions and why we are justified in trusting them (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Stenberg, Joseph (MA 2011). Being and goodness: A medieval metaethical thesis (Advisor: Robert Pasnau)

Tully, Ian (MA 2012). On Greene's neuroscientific challenge to deontological ethics (Advisor: Christopher Heathwood)

Weidler-Lewis, Joanna (MA 2006). Conceivability and possibility: Denying the link (Advisor: Robert Hanna)

Williams, Shawn (MA 2010). Spatiotemporal monism and region theory: A non-standard account of the nature of spacetime (Advisor: Michael Tooley)

Winters, Andrew (MA 2010). A natural account of religious experiences (Advisor: Bradley Monton)

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