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our MA and PhD students
Aizpitarte Zabarte, Aitor (MA program: entered 2015)
• Univeristy of Barcelona 2015

Boespflug, Mark (MA program: entered 2015)
• MA in Philosophy 2013, Biola University

Bowman, Paul (PhD program: entered 2010)
• MA in Philosophy 2010, Northern Illinois University
• Areas of interest: moral and political philosophy

Carrick, Michael (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Vermont, 2010

Carter, Jasmine (PhD program: entered 2015)
• BS Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience 2014, University of Denver

Case, Spencer (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, Idaho State University, 2009
• MA, University of Colorado Boulder, 2012

Cavitt, Jonathon (MA program: entered 2015)
• BS Environmental Policy and Planning, Virginia Tech, 2000
• Areas of interest: Philosophy of Science, Environmental Philosophy

Choi, Philip (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, Yonsei University, 2009
• MA, Yonsei University, 2012

Coren, Daniel (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, McMaster University, 2011
• MA, McMaster University, 2013

Egner, Joshua (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, Colorado State University, 2010

Eyestone, Martin (PhD program: entered 2005)
• BA, Philosophy 2003; BS, Management Information Systems and Computer Information Systems, 2003; MA, Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008
• Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Religion, Ancient Philosophy, Logic
• Website:

Geyer, Jay (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Illinois, 2010
• MA, University of Colorado Boulder, 2012
• Areas of interest:  Ethics, Decision Theory, Environmental Philosophy.

Gronholz, Shane (PhD program: entered 2010)
• BA, Whitworth University, 2005, Philosophy and Religion; MA, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008, Thesis: Reasons, Morality and God
• Areas of Interest: Metaethics, Philosophy of Religion.

Guidry, Jules (MA program: entered 2015)
• BA Philosophy 2014, Northwestern State University

Huismann, Tyler (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BS Engineering 2006, MA Philosophy 2010, University of Michigan Ann Arbor
• Areas of interest: Ancient and medieval philosophy, metaphysics, explanation, philosophy of mind, and logic.

Kelley, Anthony (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, Columbia University, 2009
• MA, Northern Illinois University, 2011

Kopeikin, Zak (PhD program: entered 2014; MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of California Santa Barbara, 2013

Kultgen, Benjamin (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BA, Harvard University, 2008.
• Areas of interest: philosphy of mind, cognitive science, metaphysics

Lee, Eric (PhD program: entered 2010)
• BA, Philosophy, University of Colorado, 2004.

Lloyd, Alexandra (PhD program: entered 2015)
• BA, University of Toronto
• MSc, Philosophy and Public Policy, London School of Economics, 2014

Lowe, Dan (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BA, Evergreen State University
• MA, Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2011.
• Areas of interest: ethics (metaethics, axiology), political philosophy (distributive justice, self-ownership, freedom), feminist philosophy (standpoint epistemology, feminist ethics).

Melnitzer, Shane (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of California Berkeley, 2006
• MA, Brandeis University, 2013

Nieblas, Erica (PhD program: entered 2014; MA program: entered 2011)
• BA, California State University Fullerton, 2010

Pagano, Emilie (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012

Pickard, Caleb (PhD program: entered 2012)
• BA, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 2011.

Pike, Matthew (PhD program: entered 2008)
• BA, University of Colorado, Denver, 2001; MA, University of Colorado at Boulder (enrolled 2007-8).
• Research interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Logic, Philosophy of Science and Mathematics.
• Personal webpage:
• Business webpage:

Renninger, Rebecca (PhD program: entered 2009)
• BA, Davidson College, 2008.
• Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, and Action Theory.

Riesen, Erich (PhD program: entered 2015)
• MA Philosophy 2015, Northern Illinois University

Rohrs, Benjamin (PhD program: entered 2010)
• MA, Philosophy, Northern Illinois University, 2010; BA, Biola University, 2008.
• Interests: Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics.

Sechman, Michael (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BA, Philosophy, California State University, Northridge, 2010.
• Areas of interest: Modern Philosophy (esp., Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume); Epistemology (esp., skepticism, rationality, virtue epistemology, ameliorative epistemology); Cognitive Science (esp., inference and judgment, cognitive illusions, evolutionary psychology).
• Presentations: “Situationism and Epistemic Virtue,” presented at the North Carolina Philosophical Society annual conference, February 2012 with Mark Alfano, John Doris, Lauren Olin and Guy Axtell.

Smith, Topher (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, Centre College, 2012

Spelman, Jonathan (PhD program: entered 2010)
• BA, Philosophy and Political Science, Ashland University 2008; MA, Philosophy, University of Missouri--Saint Louis, 2010
• Areas of interest: Ethics (particularly Normative Ethics), Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion.
• Presentation: "Moral Luck and Moral Counterfactual Assessment," Stephen L. Weber Graduate Conference in Ethics (San Diego State University).

Stenberg, Joseph (PhD program: entered 2011)
• MA, Philosophy (2011), University of Colorado at Boulder.
• BA, History (2006), Liberal Arts (2007), Colorado Christian University.
• Publications: "Considerandum quid sit beatitudo: Aquinas on what happiness really is." Res Philosophica. Forthcoming, January 2016; "Divine properties, parts, and parity." International Journal of Philosophy and Theology. Vol. 75, No. 5 (2014), p. 388-405; Review of Grand Theories and Everyday Beliefs by Wallace Matson, with Robert Pasnau. Summer, 2012.
• Selected Presentations: "Thomas Aquinas on the relationship between happiness and virtue." Fifth International Congress on the Virtuous Life. Tilburg University, The Netherlands (December 2015); "Aquinas on the relationship between vision and delight in perfect happiness." Medieval Philosophy in the United Kingdom Meeting (November 2015); "Solving Aristotle's puzzle: Aquinas on the relationship between perfect and imperfect happiness." Dutch Seminar in Medieval Philosophy. University of Groningen (October 2015); "Considerandum best quid sit beatitudo": Aquinas on what happiness really is. University of Uppsala (October 2015); "Happiness on earth (kind of) as it is in heaven: Aquinas on imperfect happiness." University of Wyoming Colloquium Talk (November 2014); "Locke on individuation and kinds." Locke Workshop, CUNY (March 2014); Invited Talk: "Aquinas on what makes us happy." Toronto Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy (September 2013); "The case of <p> and <p&p>." Central Division APA (February 2013); "Aristotle, the common good, and το καλόν." Pacific APA (April 2011).
• Areas of interest: history of philosophy (especially medieval philosophy), philosophy of religion, ethics (especially wellbeing).

Taylor, Maggie (PhD program: entered 2015)
• MA Philosophy/Public Policy 2015, George Washington University

Thomas-Smith, Lisa (PhD program: entered 2014; MA program: entered 2012)
• BA, University of Illinois Springfield, 2010

Waldeck-Young, Andrew (PhD program: entered 2014; MA program: entered 2012)
• BA, Clark University, 2012

Wilson, Joseph (PhD program: entered 2012)
• BA, University of California Berkeley 2010.

Wolf-Root, Alexander (PhD program: entered 2014; MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of California Davis, 2009

Zambrano, Alexander (PhD program: entered 2012)
• BA, Loyola Marymount University, 2012
• Areas of Interest: Biomedical and applied ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of religion

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