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our MA and PhD students
Bowman, Paul (PhD program: entered 2010)
• MA in Philosophy 2010, Northern Illinois University
• Areas of interest: moral and political philosophy

Brockman, Amanda (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BA, Colgate University
• Areas of interest: ethics, especially medical ethics and metaethics

Byrd, Nicholas (MA program: entered 2012)
• BA, Palm Beach Atlantic University, 2009
• Website:

Carrick, Michael (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Vermont, 2010

Casalbore, Nick (MA program: entered 2011)
• BA, Depauw University
• Areas of interest: metaphysics and epistemology, quite generally

Case, Spencer (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, Idaho State University, 2009
• MA, University of Colorado Boulder, 2012

Cesare, Nicolas (MA program: entered 2012)
• BA, Boise State University, 2012

Chan, Rebecca (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BA, Boston University 2007
• JD, University of Colorado at Boulder 2010
• MA in Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2011
• Areas of interest: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion

Chapman, Andrew (PhD program: entered 2009)
• BA, Ithaca College, 2007; BM, Ithaca College, 2007; MA, Northern Illinois University, 2009.
• Research Interests: Epistemology (especially the nature of justification and non-conceptualism), metaethics (especially the nature of normativity), and the history of philosophy (especially Kant and the 20th Century Anglophone and Phenomenological traditions)
• Publications: In Defense of Intuitions: A New Rationalist Manifesto (2013, Palgrave), co-authored with Addison Ellis, Robert Hanna, Tyler Hildebrand, and Henry Pickford
• Service: Organizer, Philosophy and Inclusion Colloquium (2013); Graduate Student Co-President (2012-13); Member, Graduate Curriculum Committee (2011-13); Member, Graduate Student Recruitment Committee (2010-13); Co-Organizer, 14th Annual Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference (2012)

Choi, Philip (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, Yonsei University, 2009
• MA, Yonsei University, 2012

Coren, Daniel (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, McMaster University, 2011
• MA, McMaster University, 2013

Dang, Jonathan (MA program: entered 2009)
• BA, Philosophy, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2009.
• Interests: normative ethics, bioethics (especially clinical ethics, pediatric ethics, reproductive ethics, palliative care, end-of-life care, issues dealing with autonomy), applied ethics.

Dingman, Kylie (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Nevada Reno, 2013

Egner, Joshua (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, Colorado State University, 2010

Etxeberria Altuna, Erlantz (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA Philosophy, Autonomous University of Madrid, 2012
• BA Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of the Basque Country, 2013
• BE University of the Basque Country, 2008

Eyestone, Martin (PhD program: entered 2005)
• BA, Philosophy 2003; BS, Management Information Systems and Computer Information Systems, 2003; MA, Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008
• Main Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Religion, Ancient Philosophy, Logic
• Website:

Fraley, Joseph (MA program: entered 2012)
• BA, Western Washington University, 2011

Geyer, Jay (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Illinois, 2010
• MA, University of Colorado Boulder, 2012
• Areas of interest:  Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion.

Gronholz, Shane (PhD program: entered 2010)
• BA, Whitworth University, 2005, Philosophy and Religion; MA, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008, Thesis: Reasons, Morality and God
• Areas of Interest: Metaethics, Philosophy of Religion.

Growden, Michael (PhD program: entered 2011)
• MA in Philosophy, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
• Areas of interest: just war theory

Hall, James (MA program: entered 2012)
• BA, Arizona State University, 2011

Haramia, Chelsea (PhD program: entered 2010)
• BA, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005; MA, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2010.
• Research Areas: Procreative Ethics, Population Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Bioethics, Animal Ethics.
• Publications: "Our Responsibility to the Non-existent" in Southwest Philosophy Review (vol. 29, no. 1, Jan. 2013); "PGD and Parental Obligations: What Parents Owe to Communities That Do Not Yet Exist" in The American Journal of Bioethics (vol. 13, no. 10, Oct. 2013); "Fictional Objects, Future Objectives: Why Existence Matters Less Than You Think" (co-authored with Eva Dadlez) in Philosophy and Literature (forthcoming).
• Awards: Florence Husted Lowe and F. Rex Lowe Fellowship (2013-2014); President's Prize at the Southwest Philosophical Society Conference (2012).
• Service: Graduate Student Co-president (2013-2014), Diversity Outreach Program Coordinator (2013-2014), Climate Committee Representative (2012-2013), Co-organizer of the Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference (2013).
• Website:
• webpage:

Helsel, John (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BS Physics 2011, Furman University
• Interests: History of Philosophy, Ethics (particularly metaethics), Epistemology, Philosophy of Physics.

Huerter, Sofia (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, 2012
• Publications: University of Minnesota's Conservatory: "An Analysis of a General Moral Obligation to Obey the Law," and Gadfly Literary Magazine: "We Shall Overcome: The Problem of Self-Infatuation in Western Ideology and Conflict Resolution," and "Reality is Indifferent as to Whether or Not We Believe: The Ethical Dimensions of Found Footage in Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man."

Huismann, Tyler (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BS Engineering 2006, MA Philosophy 2010, University of Michigan Ann Arbor
• Areas of interest: Ancient and medieval philosophy, metaphysics, explanation, philosophy of mind, and logic.

Jenkins, Ryan (PhD program: entered 2009)
• BA, Florida State University, summa cum laude, 2008.
• Publications: "Cyberwarfare as ideal war". Forthcoming. Invited, peer-reviewed book chapter. Binary Bullets: The Ethics of Cyberwarfare, Oxford University Press. (eds. Bradley Strawser, Adam Henschke, and Fritz Allhoff.); "Is Stuxnet Physical? Does It Matter?", Journal of Military Ethics, Vol. 12, No. 1, April 2013 (2011).
• Presentations: "A rule-consequentialist in bello moral code." Inaugural Conference on the Ethics of War in the 21st Century, Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace, Stockholm, Sweden. May, 2014; "Rule-consequentialism and two forms of moral relativism." 17th Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference, Oxford, England. November, 2013.
• Service: Graduate student president 2012-2013; assistant organizer, Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress (RoME) IV; co-managing editor, Ethics, Policy & Environment; department representative, United Government of Graduate Students.
• Interests: normative ethics (consequentialism), military ethics, emerging technologies.
• Website:

Kelley, Anthony (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, Columbia University, 2009
• MA, Northern Illinois University, 2011

Kopeikin, Zak (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of California Santa Barbara, 2013

Kultgen, Benjamin (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BA, Harvard University, 2008.
• Areas of interest: philosphy of mind, cognitive science, metaphysics

Lee, Eric (PhD program: entered 2010)
• BA, Philosophy, University of Colorado, 2004.

Lowe, Dan (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BA, Evergreen State University; MA, Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2011.
• Areas of interest: ethics (metaethics, axiology), political philosophy (distributive justice, self-ownership, freedom), feminist philosophy (standpoint epistemology, feminist ethics).

Marks, Tucker (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, Colgate University, 2013

Melnitzer, Shane (PhD program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of California Berkeley, 2006
• MA, Brandeis University, 2013

Nieblas, Erica (MA program: entered 2011)
• BA, California State University Fullerton, 2010

Pagano, Emilie (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012

Peterson, Aaron (PhD program: entered 2012)
• BA, Montana State University, 2007; MA, Brandeis University, 2012.

Pickard, Caleb (PhD program: entered 2012)
• BA, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 2011.

Pike, Matthew (PhD program: entered 2008)
• BA, University of Colorado, Denver, 2001; MA, University of Colorado at Boulder (enrolled 2007-8).
• Research interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Logic, Philosophy of Science and Mathematics.
• Personal webpage:
• Business webpage:

Renninger, Rebecca (PhD program: entered 2009)
• BA, Davidson College, 2008.
• Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, and Action Theory.

Rohrs, Benjamin (PhD program: entered 2010)
• MA, Philosophy, Northern Illinois University, 2010; BA, Biola University, 2008.
• Interests: Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics.

Saenz, Noel (PhD program: entered 2009)
• BA, Biola University.
• MA in Philosophy, Western Michigan University.

Sechman, Michael (PhD program: entered 2011)
• BA, Philosophy, California State University, Northridge, 2010.
• Areas of interest: Modern Philosophy (esp., Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume); Epistemology (esp., skepticism, rationality, virtue epistemology, ameliorative epistemology); Cognitive Science (esp., inference and judgment, cognitive illusions, evolutionary psychology).
• Presentations: “Situationism and Epistemic Virtue,” presented at the North Carolina Philosophical Society annual conference, February 2012 with Mark Alfano, John Doris, Lauren Olin and Guy Axtell.

Smith, Christopher (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, Centre College, 2012

Spelman, Jonathan (PhD program: entered 2010)
• BA, Philosophy and Political Science, Ashland University 2008; MA, Philosophy, University of Missouri--Saint Louis, 2010
• Areas of interest: Ethics (particularly Normative Ethics), Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion.
• Presentation: "Moral Luck and Moral Counterfactual Assessment," Stephen L. Weber Graduate Conference in Ethics (San Diego State University).

Stenberg, Joseph (PhD program: entered 2011)
• MA, Philosophy (2011), University of Colorado at Boulder.
• BA, History (2006), Liberal Arts (2007), Colorado Christian University.
• Lumen Christi Institute participant, Summer 2011, "Aquinas and Contemporary Ethical Theory."
• Presentations: "Aristotle, the common good, and τὸ καλόν," presented at the Pacific APA Conference, April, 2011; "Atomism and Irreducibly Social Goods," presented at the North Carolina Philosophical Society annual conference, February, 2011; "Rule Consequentialism, Inconsistency, and the Right," presented at the Michigan State Philosophy Graduate Student Conference, March, 2010.
• Areas of interest: history of philosophy (especially medieval philosophy), philosophy of religion, ethics.

Thomas-Smith, Lisa (MA program: entered 2012)
• BA, University of Illinois Springfield, 2010

Vollmer, Chaz (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of Colorado Denver, 2011

Weirich, Kelly (PhD program: entered 2009)
• BA, Philosophy and English, Whitworth University, 2009.
• Awards: Thomas Edwin Devaney Fellowship (AY 2009-2011), Lilly Graduate Fellowship Program (AY 2009-2012), Katherine Lamont Scholarship (2011).
• Areas of Interest: metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of religion
• Presentations: "Backwards Explanation: What's Wrong with Weak Ground" at the Rutgers-Princeton Graduate Philosophy Conference, Rutgers University (March 2011); "The Paradox of Commitments" at the Stephen L. Weber Graduate Conference in Ethics, San Diego State University (April 2011).
• Participated in the three-week St. Thomas Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Religion at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN (June-July 2011).
• Areas of Interest: philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, free will, modality, philosophy of religion.

Wilson, Joseph (PhD program: entered 2012)
• BA, University of California Berkeley 2010.

Wolf-Root, Alexander (MA program: entered 2013)
• BA, University of California Davis, 2009

Young, Andrew (MA program: entered 2012)
• BA, Clark University, 2012

Zambrano, Alexander (PhD program: entered 2012)
• BA, Loyola Marymount University, 2012
• Areas of Interest: metaphysics, philosophy of religion, medieval philosophy, metaethics, and applied ethics.

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