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2011 rocky mountain philosophy conference

The Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference is an annual graduate student conference run by our graduate students.

The 13th Annual Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference

April 15-16, 2011

Keynote Speakers:

Hud Hudson (Western Washington)
Boris Kment (Princeton)
Peter Railton (Michigan)


Schedule (pdf)



Ronni Sadovsky (Harvard)
"Racism and Moral Blame"

Daniel Murphy (Cornell)
"Individuation, Relation, and the Identity of Indiscernibles"

Andrew L. McFarland (Kansas)
"Hume on Our Ideas of Existence and External Existence"

Joshua Crabill (USC)
"Suppose Yalcin is Wrong about Epistemic Modals"

Lucas Halpin (UC Davis)
"Introducing Substantive Metaphysics Epistemically"

Jack Woods (Princeton)
"Moore's Paradox and Expressivism"

Matthew Gorski (Notre Dame)
"Defending Universalism from Relativistic Outlaws"

Schedule (pdf)

Travel Instructions:

After arriving and collecting luggage at DIA, exit the 5th level through doors 506 or 510, if in the west terminal, or through doors 507 or 511, if in the east terminal. Head to Island 5 and look for the bus labeled with route AB. You can check departure times at Island 5, in the shelter on either the east or west side. The fare to Boulder is $12 and they only take cash on the bus.

Once you have departed aboard the AB bus your travel time is approximately 1:30. You will exit the bus at the Broadway/Euclid Ave bustop in Boulder. This stop is adjacent to campus and across the street from the University Memorial Center (UMC). If you walk around the UMC on the left (west) side the second building you come to on your left will be Hellems. The Philosophy Dept. Office is in Hellems 169.

Hotel Recommendations:

The two hotels listed below are relatively cheap, and they are the closest to campus.

University Inn:
Directions to University Inn: Get on rtd bus AB at the airport (see Travel Instructions). Exit the bus at Broadway and Arapahoe. Walk South 2 minutes until you see the hotel.

Quality Inn Boulder:
Directions to Quality Inn Boulder: Get on rtd bus AB at the airport (see Travel Instructions). Exit the bus at Broadway and Araphahoe. Walk East on Arapahoe 8 shortish blocks until you see Quality Inn on your right between 20th and 21st streets. It's really not that bad of a walk.

Conference Organizers Contact Info:

Duncan Purves:
Chad Vance:

past rmpc

12th Annual RMPC, April 2010

11th Annual RMPC, March 2009

10th Annual RMPC, April 2008

9th Annual RMPC, April 2007

8th Annual RMPC, March 2006


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