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GRAEME FORBES (DPhil, Oxford, 1980) works mainly in semantics, metaphysics, and logic. He has interests in compositionality, intensionality, modal metaphysics, and modal logic. His book Attitude Problems was published by Oxford University Press in September 2006.   He is also the author of a logic textbook, Modern Logic (OUP 1994).

For more information, see Professor Forbes's personal website.

selected papers
  • Review of Philosophical Troubles by Saul Kripke, forthcoming in Mind.
  • "Content and Theme in Attitude Ascriptions", to appear in Non-Propositional Intentionality edited by Alex Grzankowski and Michelle Montague, Oxford University Press.
  • "Marcus and Substitutivity", Theoria 78 (2013): 359-374.
  • "On Some Examples of Chomsky's", Current Issues in Theoretical Philosophy III: Prospects for Meaning, Richard Schantz (editor), de Gruyter, 2012, 121-142.
  • "Context-Dependence and the Sorites", in Vagueness in Communication, FoLLI Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer, 2011, 91-107.
  • "The Problem of Factives for Sense Theories", Analysis 71 (2011): 654-662.
  • "Identity and the Facts of the Matter", in Cuts and Clouds: Vagueness, Its Nature and Its Logic, edited by Richard Dietz and Sebastiano Moruzzi, Oxford University Press 2010, 419-437.
  • "Intensional Verbs in Event Semantics", Synthese 176 (2010): 227-242.
  • Critical Review of Kit Fine's "Modality and Tense", The Philosophical Review 117 (2008): 275-287.
  • Attitude Problems, Oxford University Press 2006.
  • "Does the New Route Reach its Destination?", co-authored with Teresa Robertson, Mind 115 (2006): 367-374.
  • "Intensional Transitive Verbs", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2005.
  • "Depiction Verbs and the Definiteness Effect", Logica Yearbook 2003, Libor Behounek (ed.), Filosofia Prague 2004, 11-19.

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