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SHERALEE BRINDELL (PhD, Colorado, 1996) came to CU Boulder in 1989 as a graduate student in ethics and social and political philosophy. She switched to the philosophy of science at the end of her graduate studies and wrote a dissertation on the nature of scientific explanation. She now works primarily in the philosophy of science and is particularly interested in issues related to the forensic sciences. She began teaching in the department in 1997, and took on the duties as one of the undergraduate advisors in 2003.

When she isn't teaching or advising students in the philosophy major, she enjoys tournament poker, cheesy detective novels, fly-fishing, and cooking.

recent publications
  • "Freedom, Sex-Stereotyping, and Anti-Discrimination Law," forthcoming in Law and Philosophy
  • "Is Anything Just Plain Good?" (with Mahrad Almotahari) forthcoming in Philosophical Studies
  • "Immigration: The Case for Legalization," Social Theory & Practice Vol 40, No 4 (2014)
  • "Doing, Allowing, and the State," Law and Philosophy Vol 33, No 2 (2014)
  • "Are Justified Attackers a Threat to the Rights Based Theory of Self-Defense?" in Helen Frowe and Gerald Lang (eds.) How We Fight (Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 2014)
  • "Contractualism, Politics, and Morality," Acta Analytica Vol 28, No 4 (2013)
  • "Democracy, Paternalism, and Campaign Finance," Public Affairs Quarterly Vol 27, No 2 (2013)
  • "The Freedom of Movement Argument for Open Borders," Ethics and Global Politics Vol 6, No 1 (2013)

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