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Distinguished Speaker Series

The Distinguished Speaker Series invites faculty from other research institutions to present their recent work in the history and philosophy of science.

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Talks
All talks are held at 3:15 PM unless otherwise noted.

Feb 23, 2015: Melinda Fagan, University of Utah
"Explanation, Unification, and Mechanisms"
HLMS 201

April 13, 2015: Kyle Stanford, University of California Irvine
"The Difference Between Ice Cream and Nazis: Evolution, Cooperation, and the Function of Moral Externalization"
HUMN 250

Existing efforts to understand human moral psychology in evolutionary terms fail to explain why we externalize or objectify moral demands. I argue that this distinctive tendency emerged as a way to establish and maintain a crucial connection between the extent of our own motivation to adhere to a given moral demand and the extent to which we demand that appealing partners in cooperative or exploitable forms of social interaction adhere to it as well. This hypothesis is supported with a diverse array of empirical findings and used to explain a number of otherwise somewhat puzzling features of human social interaction.


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