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Coffee Talks are meetings between faculty and graduate students from different academic departments within the University of Colorado, Boulder. At each meeting, one researcher presents his or her recent work in progress in an informal, constructive atmosphere that allows the speaker to receive critical feedback from faculty in other fields. In addition, the audience is provided an opportunity to learn about critical research being done in other departments.

Recent Coffee Talk topics have included climate change, models in historical science, origin of life, science and religion, and biology education.

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 Talks:
Coffee Talks are usually held in HLMS 269 Morris Reading Room at 3:30pm.

Sept 27, 2013: William Braynon, Philosophy Department (Stanford)
"Taking Choice Seriously"
3:30 PM, Hellems 269

Nov 12, 2013: Graham Oddie, Department of Philosophy
"What is the value of truth?"
3:30 PM, Hellems 269

Feb 18, 2014: Cecilia Cardenas-Navia, History of Science and Medicine (Yale University)
"American History M: Melanin Supremacy, White and Black Violence, and Spiritual Mastery"
3:30 PM, Hellems 269

Mar 11, 2014: Irene Blair, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (CU Boulder)
"What evidence is needed to conclude that biased people cause biased outcomes?"
3:30 PM, Hellems 269

For more information, please email rchps@colorado.edu

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