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Affiliated Faculty

Carol Cleland, Chair of the Committee
Department of Philosophy
Philosophical issues in biology (especially microbiology, origin of life, astrobiology, and the nature of life), historical natural science, and the theory of computation.

Allan Franklin
Department of Physics
History and philosophy of experiment

Michael Huemer
Department of Philosophy
Epistemology, problem of induction

Dan Kaufman
Department of Philosophy
17th-century philosophy, metaphysics, history of science (early modern)

Helmut Muller-Sievers
Director, Center for Humanities and the Arts
Eaton Professor of Humanities and Arts
Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature
Interrelations of literature, science, and philosophy

Graham Oddie
Department of Philosophy
The problem of truthlikeness, probability, metaphysics, cognitive value and value theory

Robert Pasnau
Department of Philosophy
History of philosophy and science (especially in the medieval and modern periods)

Robert Rupert
Department of Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy and Fellow of the Institute of Cognitive Science
Associate editor, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of psychology, laws of nature (including ceteris paribus laws), and inter-level relations

Raul Saucedo
Department of Philosophy
Metaphysics and related themes in logic and philosophy of science

Paul Sutter
Department of History
Environmental Studies Core Faculty
Environmental history, history of ecology, history of entomology, history of soil sciences

Michael Tooley
Department of Philosophy
Philosophy of causation and time

Brian Zaharatos
Department of Applied Mathematics
Applied statistics, parameter estimation, philosophy of statistics

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