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Fall 2016

All Talks on Friday from 12:00-12:50 in the Center (HLMS 269), unless noted.

Aug 29: Professor Neil Sinhababu (University of Singapore)
"The Epistemic Argument for Hedonism"
3:15 - 5:00, UMC 384

Sept 2: Francis Beckwith (Baylor University)
"Taking Rites Seriously: Liberalism, Religion, and Cultural Conflict"

Sept 9: David Boonin (University of Colorado Boulder)
"Sex, Lies and Harm: Dougherty on Deceptive Seduction"

Spring 2016

All Talks on Friday from 12:00-12:50 in the Center (HLMS 269), unless noted.

Jan 29: Cheryl Abbate
"Extension in Animal Rights Theory: How a New Account of Respect Can Make Sense of Collective Harms"

Feb 5: Eric Lee
"Consent and 3rd Party Coercion"

Feb 12: Professor Michael L. Radelet (Sociology)
"History of the Death Penalty in Colorado"

Feb 12: Professor Ken Shockley (SUNY Buffalo)
"Framing Harm In a Time of Climate Change: Climate, Development, and the Environment"
3:00-4:30, HLMS 251

Feb 19: Caleb Pickard and Alexander Zambrano
"Don't Block It 'Til Ya Eyed It?: A Defense of Ad Blocking and Consumer Inattention"

Feb 26: Professor Robert Pasnau
"Belief in a Fallen World"

Mar 4: Professor Ahmed A White (Law School)
"The Labor Movement and the Dilemma of Labor Militancy"

Mar 14: Alfred Nsodu Mbinglo (founder and executive director of RECFAM – Research and Counselling Foundation for African Migrants)
"The Biblical Proportion of Internal and Cross Border Migration in Africa"
Monday, March 14 12:00-12:50, HLMS 269

Mar 18: Spencer Case
"From Epistemic Realism to Moral Realism: A Defense of Cuneo's Parity Premise"

past center talks

Fall 2015

Oct 2: Professor Adam Hosein
"Racial Profiling and Reasonable Resentment"

Oct 9: Dr. Govind Persad (Stanford)
"Why We Don't Need More Organ Donors"

Oct 21: Profesor John Corvino (Wayne State University)
"Why I Don't Like Religious Exemptions"
6:00-7:30 PM, MUEN E0046

Oct 22: Ryan Anderson (Heritage Foundation), John Corvino (Wayne State University), Sherif Girgis (author), Andrew Koppelman, (Northwestern University)
"On God's Authority: Conscientious Objection in the Age of Same-Sex Marriage"
7:00-8:30 PM, Eaton Humanities 1B50
Presented in conjuction with the Center for Western Civilization, Thought and Policy.

Oct 23: Sherif Girgis (Princeton)
"On God's Authority: Discussion"

Nov 6: Laurie Calhoun (Curio Bay, Southland, New Zealand)
"When Lethal Drones Come Home: The Path to Political Perdition"

Nov 20: Professor Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia University)
"Civic Art of Remembrance and Democratic Imagination"

Spring 2015

Jan. 30: Jonathan Spelman
"Moral Obligation and Blame"

Feb 6: Dr. Hye-Ryoung Kang
"Can Rawls' Non-Ideal Theory Save His Ideal Theory?"

Feb. 13: Alastair Norcross
"On Wanton Self-Assurance: I Promised Myself I'd Write This"

Feb. 20: Shane Gronholz
"Welfare: Does Thinking Make it So?"

Feb. 27: Professor Dominik Perler (Berlin University/Princeton University)
"What is a Dead Body? Medieval Debates on a Metaphysical Puzzle."

Mar. 13: Alberto Ghibellini (Leo Strauss Center of the University of Chicago)
"Leo Strauss on Natural Right"

Mar. 20: TBA

Apr. 10: Paul Bowman
Title TBA

Apr. 24: Professor Joseph Ulatowski (University of Texas at El Paso)
"On Where the Action Is"

Fall 2014

Sept 26: Andrew Chapman
"The Existential Dimension of Morality"

Oct 3: Prof. David Boonin
"Status Quo Bias and the Experience Machine"

Oct 10: Prof. Peter King (University of Toronto)
"Moral Fatigue: The Deadly Vice"

Oct 17: Prof. Joe Ulatowski (University of Texas at El Paso)

Oct 31: Prof. Caroline Arruda (University of Texas at El Paso)
"The Metaethical Problem of Suffering"

Nov 7: Joseph Stenberg
"Happiness on Earth (kind of) as it is in Heaven: Aquinas on Imperfect Happiness"

Nov. 21: Prof. Iskra Fileva
Title TBA

Spring 2014

Jan 31: Prof. Eric Chwang
"Consent's Been Framed: How and When to Solve the Problem that Framing Effects Pose for Consent"

Feb 14: Prof. Adam Hosein
"Risk and Rights"

Feb 21: Prof. Michael Huemer
"Can Constitution Protect Freedom?"

Mar 7: Prof. Iskra Fileva (University of Michigan)
"The False, the Bad, and the Beautiful"

Mar 14: Prof. David Boonin
"Sex, Lies, and Consent"

Mar 21: Prof. Chris Heathwood
"Which Desires Are Relevant to Well-Being?"

Apr 11: Prof. Stephen M. Campbell (Coe College)
"The Good Death"

Apr 18: PhD Student Shane Gronholz

"Are Philosophers and Laypeople Talking About the Same Thing When They Talk about Morality?"

Apr 25: Prof. Adam Beresford (University of Massachusetts at Boston)
"Aristotle's Humanism"

May 2: Glenn Loury (Brown University)
"When Speaking Truth to Power is Not Enough: On the Ethics of Being a Public Intellectual in America Today"

Fall 2013

Sept 6: Prof. Eric Chwang
"Against the Moral Relevance of the Similarity between Research Subject and Beneficiary"

Sept 20: Prof. Claudia Mills
"Manipulation as an Aesthetic Flaw"

Sept 27: PhD Student Chad Cliest (Marquette University)
Special Location: HLMS 177
"Killing for Food and Tragic Dilemmas: Capabilities Analysis"

Oct 4: Prof. Chris Heathwood
"Irreducibly Normative Properties"

Oct 11: Prof. Bradley Monton
"Morality Grounds Personal Identity"

Oct 18: Prof. David Hildebrand (CU Denver)
"Pragmatism, Objectivity, and Democracy"

Oct 25: Prof. Iskra Fileva (University of Michigan)
"Playing with Fire: Art and the Seductive Power of Pain"

Nov 1: Christopher Lewis (Stanford University)
"Inequality, Incentives, Criminality and Blame"

Nov 8: Prof. Mary Ann Cutter (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)
"The Ethical Implications of Gendering Disease"

Nov 15: Prof. Ajume Wingo
"A Free Person as a Maker of Surprises"

Dec 6: Dr. Eamon Aloyo
"The Last of Last Resort: Why the Last Resort Criterion in Just War Theory Should Not Exist"

Spring 2013

Jan 25: Prof. Michael Huemer
"Probabilistic Proof of Moral Realism"

Feb 1: Dr. Brian Talbot
"Conflicting Intuitions in Ethics and Elsewhere"

Feb 8: Dr. Eamon Aloyo
"Why Just Assassinations are Morally Preferable to Just Wars and Some Harmful 'Peaceful' Policies"

Mar 1: Prof. Eric Chwang
"Pediatric Consent"

Mar 8: Duncan Purves
"The Harm of Death"

Mar 15: Dan Lowe
"Why Counterexamples Fail (and What To Do About It): A Talk on Moral Epistemology and Philosophical Method"

Apr 5: Paul Studtmann
"The Game of Laws"

Apr 12: Prof. Ajume Wingo

Apr 19: Prof. Benjamin Hale

Apr 26: Prof. Adam Hosein
"Freedom, Sex-Stereotype and Anti-Discrimination"

Fall 2012

Sept 14: Prof. Alison Jaggar
"Does Poverty Wear a Woman's Face? Some moral dimensions of a transnational feminist research project"

Sept 21: Dr. Abigail Gosselin
"Women, Justice, and the Global Context of Mental Disorder"

Sept 28: Prof. Michael Huemer
"The Duty to Disregard the Law"

Oct 5: Prof. David Boonin
"Harm After Death"

Oct 12: Annaleigh Curtis
"The Problem of Evidentialism in Moral Epistemology"

Oct 19: Prof. Mary Ann Cutter (CU Colorado Springs)
"The Ethics of Gender-Specific Disease"

Oct 26: Chelsea Haramia
"What are our Responsibilities to the Non-Existent?"

Nov 2: Prof. Alastair Norcross
Title TBA

Nov 9: Martin Chamorro
"The Proportionality of Open Borders and Exclusion"

Nov 16: Prof. Adam Hosein
"Where Are You Really From? Ethnic Selection in Liberal Democracies"

Nov 30: Annaleigh Curtis
"A Problem for Evidentialism in Moral Epistemology"

Dec 7: Ryan Jenkins
"Which Consequentialism?"

Spring 2012

Jan 27: Prof. David Boonin
"Parfit's latest defense of the No Difference View"

Feb 10: Prof. Chris Heathwood
"Preferentism and the Experience Requirement"

Feb 17: Dr. Brian Talbot
"Which Epistemic Norms Matter?"

Mar 9: Prof. Philip Cafaro (CSU)
"For a Species Right to Exist"

Mar 23: Prof. Alastair Norcross
"Why and How Death is Bad for Animals, and People"

Apr 6: Prof. Chad Kautzer (CU Denver)
"Arendt, Occupy, and the Challenge to Political Liberalism: A Reply to Charles W. Mills"

Apr 13: Annaleigh Curtis
"Epistemic Injustice and Moral Knowledge"

Apr 20: Prof. Marion Hourdequin (Colorado College)
"Geoengineering, Solidarity, and Moral Risk"

Apr 27: Prof. David Boonin
"Why Blackmail Should Be Legal"

May 4: Prof. Robert Pasnau
"Veiled Disagreement"

Spring 2011

All Talks on Friday from 12:00-12:50 in the Center (HLMS 269), unless noted

Jan. 14, 2011: Dr. Nick Ferreira
(University of Witwatersrand)

Jan. 21: Eric Chwang
“A Qualified Argument against Athletic Doping"

Jan. 28: Christian Lee
“Dissolving Indeterminacy and Incommensurability in Values”

Feb 4: Claudia Mills
“The Ethics of Parenthood”

Feb. 11: Michael Huemer
“Authority and Hypothetical Consent"

Feb. 18: Jarrod Hanson
"Defending Deliberative Democracy in the Classroom: Bridging Epistemological Divides"

Feb. 25: Adam Hosein
"Immigration and Equality: Must Governments Treat Aliens the Same as Citizens?"

Mar. 4: Eamon Aloyo
(Political Science)
"A Democratic Justification for Nonmilitary Humanitarian Intervention: Reconciling Human Rights and Collective Self Determination"

Mar. 11: Charles Mills
"Body Politic, Bodies Impolitic"

Mar. 18: Horst Mewes
(Political Science)
“The Function of Religion in Tocqueville’s Democracy in America

Apr. 1: Bob Pasnau
"Trust Yourself, Be Irrational"

Apr. 8: David Boonin
"Famine, Affluence, and Mortality: A Non-Consequentialist Response to Singer and Unger"

Apr. 22: Ben Rich (UC Davis School of Medicine)
"Existential Suffering and the Ethics of Palliative Sedation"

Apr. 29: Kent Northcote, M.D.
“Perception and Memory”

Fall 2010

All Talks on Friday from 1:00-1:50 in the Center (HLMS 269), unless noted

Sept. 3, 2010: Eric Chwang

“Freedom from Autonomy”

Sept. 10: Mike Huemer
“Against Democratic Authority”

Sept. 17: Ben Hale
"Undoing and Disallowing"

Sept. 24 at 12:00 noon: Robert Pippin
(University of Chicago)
“Cinematic Action Theory”
(Note the time change)

Oct. 1: Eamon Aloyo
“Basic Democratic Rights: Conditionally Deriving Human Rights from a thin Procedural Conception of Democracy”

Oct. 8: Kacey Warren
"Recognizing Disability: Reconceptualizing a Vision of Social Justice for the Cognitively Disabled"

Oct. 15: Amandine Catala
“Reframing the Normative Question of Secession”

Oct. 22: Michele S. Moses
“Are Ballot Initiatives a Just way to Make Public Policy?”

Oct. 29: Brian Talbot
"Normative Dilemmas"

Nov. 5: Adam Hosein
"Doing, Allowing, and the State"

Dec. 3: Ajume Wingo
"The Politics of the Apolitics of Racism"

Spring 2010

All Talks 12:00-12:50
in the Center (HLMS 269)

Jan 29: Prof. Claudia Mills
“Playing Favorites”

Feb 5: Prof. Alison Jaggar
"Hearts Starve As Well As Bodies: Leisure As an Indicator of Agency and Wellbeing"

Feb 12: Prof. David Boonin
"The Non-Comparative Account of Harm"

Feb 19: Prof. Ben Hale
"Nonrenewable Resources and the Inevitability of Outcomes"

Feb 26: Heather Roff (PoliSci)
"Kant's Permissive Law: A Principle for the Perplexed"

Mar 5: Cory Aragon
“Situating Responsibility for Global Justice”

Mar 12: Christian Lee
“A Trivial Organic Unity?”

Apr 2: Dr. Uri Leibowitz
"What is Friendship?"

Apr 9: Prof. Alastair Norcross
"Animal Experimentation"

Apr 16: Prof. Steve Vanderheiden (PoliSci)
"The Ethics of Free Riding"

Apr 23: Michaela McSweeney
"Against Tolerance"


Feb 13: Prof. David Boonin
"Why I Hate Hate Speech Codes (But Still Don’t Hate Hate Crime Laws)"

Feb 20: Prof. Michael Zimmerman
"Rapture of the Nerds: The (allegedly) coming technological 'Singularity'"

Feb 27: Prof. Eric Chwang

"On the Moral Force of Coerced Promises"

Mar 6: Prof. Dan Kaufman
"Sinful Actions and Sinfulness"

Mar 13: Christian Lee

"Basic Evaluative Properties"

Mar 20: Prof. Ben Hale

"Carbon Sequestration, Ocean Fertilization, and the Problem of Permissible Pollution"

Apr 3: Prof. Matt Tedesco (Beloit College, CU PhD)
"Harm, Consent, and Practical Joking"

Apr 10: Prof. Alison Jaggar

"The Philosophical Challenges of Global Gender Justice"

Apr 17: Dan Demetriou

"Honor: The Ethic for Real Men?"

Apr 24: Prof. Mike Huemer

"Is There a Right to Immigrate?"

Sept 4: Prof. Chris Heathwood
"Moral and Epistemic Open Question Arguments"

Sep. 11: Prof. Claudia Mills
"Artistic Integrity"

Sept. 18: Prof. Eric Chwang
"Consent and Cluster Randomization"

Sept. 25: Scott Wisor
"Philosophical Reflections on Sudan Activism"

Oct 2: Prof. Alastair Norcross
"Fetishism and Deontology"

Oct 9: Dr. Jason Wyckoff
"Why Political Legitimacy Entails Political Obligations"

Oct 16: Prof. Brad Monton
"Against Multiverse Theodicies"

Oct 23: Prof. Rob Rupert
"Against Group Mental States"

Oct 30: Dr. Ryan Mott
"Why Political Legitimacy Doesn't Necessarily Entail Political Obligations"

Nov 6: Barrett Emerick
"Kantian Ethics and the Puzzle about People in Great Need"

Nov 13: Amandine Catala
"Is There a Right to Secede?"

Nov 20: Tom Metcalf
"Empirical Ethical Intuitionism"

Dec 11: Pamela Lomelino
"Why Relational Autonomy Is Better Than Traditional Accounts of Autonomy"


Jan 18: Prof. Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College)
“Ethical Vegetarianism: Feminist Requirement or Patriarchal Burden?

Jan 18: Prof. Alastair Norcross
“Euthanasia and Self-Defense”

Feb 2: Dan Demetriou
“What Moral Intuitions Are”

Feb 8: Prof. Claudia Mills
“Stigma and Openness”

Feb 22: Kendy Hess
“The Modern Corporation as Moral Agent”

Feb 29: Lisa Bates
“Privatization, Democracy, and Public Goods”

Mar 14: Prof. David Boonin
“What’s Wrong with Racial Profiling?”

Mar 21: Dr. Michael Peirce
“It’s Not My Concern: Singer and Plato, Rules, Roles, and Social Organization”

Apr 4: Prof. Chris Heathwood

“Desire-Based Theories of Welfare, of Pleasure, and of Reasons”

Apr 11: Prof. Gordon Finlayson (University of Sussex)
"Not Much Ado about Habermas and Rawls"

Apr 18: Prof. Eric Chwang

“Futility Clarified”

Apr 25: Prof. Neera Badhwar (University of Oklahoma)
"Is Realism Really Good for You? A Realistic Response"

Sept 5: Ajume Wingo
"Trustees of Themselves: A New Framework for Human Rights"

Sept 12: Harry Platanakis (University of London)
"Aristotle on Political Participation"

Sept 19: Jason Wyckoff
"Can Gratitude Serve as a Basis of Political Obligation?"

Sept 25: Dr. Uri Leibowitz
"Particularism in Aristotle's Ethics"

Oct 10: Prof. Eric Chwang
"Three Ways of Speaking and the Futility of Coerced Promises"

Oct 17: Prof. Chris Heathwood
“Could Morality Have a Source?"

Oct 24: Prof. Alastair Norcross
"Intentions, Character, and Consequentialism"

Oct 31: Ryan Mott
"Reviving Weber's Ghost: Attitudinal Accounts of State Legitimacy"

Nov 14: Prof. Brad Monton
"Should Intelligent Design Be Taught in School?"

Nov 21: Kendy Hess
“The Metaphysics of Corporate Agency"

Dec 5: Prof. David Boonin
“Why I Don’t Hate Hate Crime Laws”

Dec 12: Jason Hanna
"Ulysses Contracts and the Relevance of Consent"

Fall 2007

Sep 7: Dr. Jackie Colby
“Health Disparities, Ethics, and the HPV Vaccine”

Sep 14: Prof. Alison Jaggar
“Ideal Theory versus Critical Theory: Comparing the Philosophical Methods of John Rawls and Iris Marion Young”

Sep 21: Prof. Chris Heathwood
“Desire-Based Theories of Welfare and the Possibility of Self-Sacrifice”

Sep 28: Jason Hanna
“How Soft Is Soft Paternalism?”

Oct 12: Prof. Philip Cafaro (CSU)
“The Environmental Argument for Reducing Immigration into the United States”

Oct 26: Prof. Alastair Norcross
“Utility, Determinism, and Possibility”

Oct 29: Prof. Mariam Thalos (Utah)
“Risk and Resources”

Nov 2: Cindy Scheopner
“Creating God: Mormon Metaphysics and the Politics of Polygamy”

Nov 9: Prof. Steve Vanderheiden (CU Poli Sci)
“Justice and Global Climate Change”

Nov 16: Prof. Claudia Mills
”Fathers and Mothers”

Nov 30: Prof. Eric Chwang
“Against Assent”

Dec 7: Audra King
“Justice, Development, and Just Development: An Institutional Approach to Analyzing Development”



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