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The Department of Philosophy at the University of Colorado has one of the largest and most balanced philosophy programs in the nation. The faculty currently consists of 25 tenured and tenure-track members, the graduate program has 50-70 students working toward MA or PhD degrees, and the undergraduate program has 200-300 majors at any given time. The Department has considerable strength in the areas of values, metaphysics and epistemology, and the history of philosophy, and a number of faculty are engaged in work that crosses into other disciplines including cognitive science, biology, classics, and environmental studies. Members of the faculty have earned distinction in a variety of ways: publishing books with top presses and articles in top journals, presenting invited papers at important conferences, winning teaching prizes and research fellowships, and finding their work the subject of published discussion by other philosophers. The Philosophy Department is also the only one in the country to have three faculty members who have been honored by the American Philosophical Association’s Book Prize competition.

As a result of the size, diversity, and distinction of the Department’s faculty, members of the philosophical community in Boulder enjoy an extraordinary range of extra-curricular opportunities to engage in philosophical reflection. Each year, the Department sponsors a colloquium series, a regular works-in-progress seminar, and a philosophy and film series; its Center for Values and Social Policy hosts a weekly series of lunchtime talks, a series of lectures aimed at the general public, an annual conference on a topic relating to social philosophy, and another annual conference on ethics more generally; its Committee on the History and Philosophy of Science hosts coffee talks, a distinguished speaker series, and an annual conference; our graduate students put on an annual graduate student conference; and faculty and students frequently organize informal reading groups on particular philosophers, works or subjects.

The Philosophy Department is committed to maintaining a positive learning and working environment.  Please read more about our commitment here.


Dominic Bailey
David Boonin
Eric Chwang
Carol Cleland
Iskra Fileva
Graeme Forbes
Benjamin Hale
Chris Heathwood
Adam Hosein
Michael Huemer
Alison Jaggar
Dan Kaufman
Mitzi Lee
Alastair Norcross
Graham Oddie
Robert Pasnau
Rob Rupert
Raul Saucedo
Michael Tooley
Ajume Wingo
Michael Zimmerman


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