Philosophy at Boulder
Our Recent PhDs: Where Are They Now?

We first list the job that students received upon graduation, and then their current job, if different (TT = tenure track or its foreign equivalent). Beneath each name we list the dissertation title and the supervisor's name. We have tried to make the following information as complete and accurate as possible. Please alert us to any mistakes or omissions.

AY 2006-2007

  • Hye-Ryoung Kang [ABD] - University of Nevada at Reno (TT)
    "Rethinking Global Justice In Non-Ideal Conditions" under Alison Jaggar

AY 2005-2006

  • Heidi Petersen - Employed outside academia
    "The Relevance of the Animal Liberation Movement to Environmental Ethics" under Alison Jaggar
  • Matthew Roberts - Wheaton College, IL
    "A Historical Survey and Conceptual Theory of States of Affairs" under Michael Tooley

AY 2004-2005

  • Abigail Gosselin - Washington State University, WA (TT); now Regis College, CO
    "Individual Agency Within Political Contexts: Responsibility for Global Poverty" under Alison Jaggar
  • Bryan Hall - Virginia Tech, VA; now Indiana University, Southeast (TT)
    "Kant, Realism, and Anti-Realism" under Robert Hanna
  • John Harris - Southern Methodist University, TX
    "Moral Indeterminacy and the Specification Model of Political Obligation" under David Boonin
  • Michelle Maiese - Emmanuel College, MA (TT)
    "Mental Causation, Trying, and the Emotions" under Robert Hanna
  • Theresa Weynand-Tobin - Marquette University, WI (TT)
    "Moral Thinking in a Global Context: Making Room for Diverse Conceptions of Moral Reasoning" under Alison Jaggar

AY 2003-2004

  • Mike Austin - Eastern Kentucky University, KY (TT)
    "Parental Rights and Obligations" under David Boonin
  • Chris Kelly - College of Charleston, SC
    "A Theory of the Good" under Graham Oddie
  • Matt Tedesco - Beloit College, WI (TT)
    "The Moral Problem of Friendship" under David Boonin

AY 2002-2003

  • Steve Kramer - Southwest State University, MN (TT)
    "Natural, Wild, and Free: A Discourse on Environmental Value" under Graham Oddie
  • Ben Mahlberg - University of Colorado Boulder, CO
    "By What Authority? Science, Theology and Knowledge Claims" under Ed Miller
  • Marc Moffett - University of Wyoming (TT)
    "Communication, Meaning and the Attitudes: Toward a General Meaning of Content" under George Bealer

AY 2001-2002

  • Michelle Montague - University of California at Irvine (TT)
    "Intentionality and its Objects" under Graham Oddie
  • Rachel Singpurwalla - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (TT)
    "A Platonic Theory of Motivation" under Christopher Shields
  • Renée Smith - Coastal Carolina University (TT)
    "Qualia, Introspection, and Transparency" under Daniel Stoljar
  • Maureen Sander-Staudt - University of Arizona
    "Caring for Justice, Justifying Care: Towards a Political Philosophy of Care" under Alison Jaggar
  • Robert Lovering - Texas Tech
    "The Concept of Worldview in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion" under Ed Miller
  • Li Jun Yuan - Texas State University (TT)
    "Re-Conceiving Women's Equality in China: A Critical Examination of Models of Sex Equality" under Alison Jaggar
  • Dennis Earl - Coastal Carolina College
    "A Defense of the Classical View of Concepts" under Robert Hanna
  • Daniel Sturgis - University of Colorado Boulder
    "Prairies and Paintings: The Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature and Art" under John Fisher

AY 2000-2001

  • Jen Everett - U. of Alaska, Anchorage (TT); now Carleton College, MN (TT)
    "The Ethics of Consumption: Individual Responsibilities in a Consumer Society" under David Boonin
  • Shelley Wilcox - U. of Dayton (TT); now Temple University (TT)
    "Citizenship as Civic Integration: A Model of Political Membership for an Age of Migration" under Alison Jaggar
  • Iain Martel - Reed College; now University of Konstanz
    "Probabilistic Empiricism: In Defense of a Reichenbachian Theory of Causation and the Direction of Time" under M. Tooley
  • Tim Cook - Community College of Aurora, CO
    "Persons of Good Will: Community, Civility, and Pluralism in the Contemporary Discourse on Values" under Claudia Mills
  • Richard Cameron - University of Alaska Anchorage; now DePauw University, IN
    "Teleology in Aristotle and Contemporary Philosophy of Biology: An Account of the Nature of Life" under Christopher Shields

AY 1999-2000

  • Paul Studtmann - U. of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ (TT)
    "Hylemorphism and Aristotle's Categorical Scheme" under Christopher Shields
  • Jon Jensen - Green Mountain College, VT (TT); now Luther College (TT)
    "Balancing Liberty and Environment: The Prospects for Greening Liberalism" under Claudia Mills
  • Richard Jones- Kansas State; now Howard University
    "Philosophies of Community: An Inquiry into African-American Sociopolitical Thought" under Alison Jaggar
  • Jason Potter - University of Colorado Boulder
    "Kant's Refutation of Idealism: A New Interpretation" under Wayne Waxman and Robert Hanna

AY 1998-1999

  • Jeff Broome - Arapahoe Community College, CO
    "The Theodicy of John Hick: A Critical Defense" under Ed Miller
  • Daryl Mehring - University of Colorado Denver
    "God, Uncertainty, and Suspense of Judgement: Hume's Changing Religious Skepticism on God from The Enquiry's Pyrrhonism to The Natural History of Religion's Academic Skepticism" under Michael Tooley
  • Richard Geenen - Westminster College, MO (TT)
    "Self-Predication in Plato: The 'Formal' Explanation" under Christopher Shields
  • Rob Figueroa - Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
    "Debating the Paradigms of Justice: The Bivalence of Environmental Justice" under Claudia Mills

AY 1997-1998

  • Sara Goering - Cal. State/Long Beach (TT); now U. Washington/Seattle (TT)
    "The Ethics of Human Genetic Therapies: A Proposal for Setting Moral Limits on How We Change Our Genes" under Ann Davis
  • Christina Bellon - Ripon U. (TT); now Cal. State/Sacramento (TT)
    "A Vindication of the Rights of Children" under James Nickel
  • Garrett DeWeese - Talbot School of Theology, Biola U. (TT)
    "God and the Nature of Time" under Ed Miller
  • Paul Moriarty - Longwood College, VA
    "Animal Cognition and Self-Awareness" under Dale Jamieson
  • Stan Spector - Modesto Jr. College, CA
    "The Dionysian and the Übermensch: Nietzsche's Metaphors of the Body as Experienced" under Phyllis Kenevan and Adrian Del Caro