Master of Science, Environmental Studies

Beyond our back yard. Studying the environment around the world. 

The Environmental Studies Program (ENVS) offers interdisciplinary BA, MS, and PhD degrees. ENVS brings together faculty from the environmental sciences, social science, history, philosophy, engineering, law, business, and policy, serving over 900 undergraduate majors and roughly 50 graduate students, including students in dual degree programs with law and business. Graduate specializations include the sciences (social, biological, and physical), policy, and values.  Students in the ENVS graduate program focus on a diverse array of fields.  These include science policy, decision-making, climate change science, biogeochemistry, disease ecology, microbiology, environmental economics, law, technology policy, energy systems, and many others.  ENVS is unique among CU’s graduate programs in emphasizing the integration of science, policy, and values in interdisciplinary research and study. More information about ENVS, including faculty profiles, can be found at

The ENVS Peace Corp MS program takes place within the context of the existing ENVS MS degree requirements described at

The graduate program is small and highly selective with ~10% of applicants admitted in recent years.  Students interested in combining an ENVS MS with the Peace Corps Master's International program are encouraged to discuss their interests with the ENVS graduate program director and staff.   Students are also encouraged to indicate their interest in this combined program within their application materials.  

Students may earn up to 6 credit hours for the Peace Corps work. 
Students in the PCMI program will:

  • Become full-fledged members of the highly competitive Peace Corps program
  • Learn to apply their academic knowledge in a high-need international environment
  • Graduate with an excellent academic credential, plus a globally renowned experiential credential.

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Questions? Please contact Benjamin HaleAssociate Professor, at or call 303-735-3624.

See also, the Peace Corps Master's International website for additional admissions information.

Read about CU's PCMI in Environmental Studies on the Peace Corps website HERE.