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CU-Boulder Tuition & Aid Advisory Board (TAAB)

Reference materials

  • See meetings page for agendas, notes, and handouts
  • See for updated info on tuition, fees, tuition history, and links to peer comparisons
  • See for updated information on financial aid and admissions

  • From 11-12

  • From 09-10
    • Click here for looks at facilities fees elsewhere in the AAU, comparison of CSU and UCB resident undergraduate tuition structures, UCB tuition differentials by college, changes in loan rules, and other background information.

  • From 08-09
    • Tuition 101 - from 1-16-09 meeting, with some additions
    • Tuition structure for resident undergrads - per-hour and full-time rates
    • Nonresident undergraduate tuition guarantee: About || Student behaviors (passworded)
    • About tuition and fees -- current and historical rates, peer comparisons, student fee plan, annual "about tuition and financial aid,"  percent change year by year, more
    • Course fees by college, level, course subject.  Also see presentations for 3/09 meeting.

  • Aid profiles for degree-seeking undergraduates -- By residency and family financial capability -- on the admissions/financial aid webpage

  • Major products of 04-05 and 05-06 TAABs
    • Summary of recommendations
      • High tuition, high aid model for residents. Financial aid fastest-growing portion of budget
      • Non-resident tuition guarantee
      • (Not really TAAB, but related: tuition rate for graduate students on appointment as a TA or RA )
      • Continue and increase use of differential tuition rates by school and college.
      • Consider total cost of attendance in setting tuition and aid
      • Consider debt at graduation vs. starting income as a metric of sufficiency of aid
    • 7/8/05: Update on events in May, June, July 2005
    • 5/05: Tuition rates and financial aid for Colorado undergraduates: Recommendations of the Tuition and Aid Board 2004-2005.  Full report, 8 pp, including proposed "comprehensive plan" for financial aid modelled after U of California. 
    • 12/2/04, premises, general conclusions, and actions to increase resident undergraduate tuition rates by double or more over six years

Remaining materials all posted 2006 or before -- but many are still up to date
  • Peer comparisons on tuition or tuition and fees (not aid)
  • Other institutions
    • U of Illinois system, Ensuring Quality and Affordability: Tuition and Financial Aid at the University of Illinois
    • Miami of Ohio: Set in- and out-of-state tuition equal, with guaranteed aid to all in-state
    • Illinois 4 year guarantee
    • Carolina compact
  • Tuition structure
    • Course fees
    • Grad structure plots - Excel
    • UG structure w and w/o COF, plots - Excel

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