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CU-Boulder Tuition & Aid Advisory Board (TAAB)

Mission and background


The mission of the Tuition and Aid Advisory Board will be to provide insightful and focused advice and recommendations to the Chancellor in regard to CU-Boulder tuition, instructional and course fees, and financial aid. The board’s recommendations will be based upon research and subsequent discussion, carried out in an effort to represent the student interest in the context of rising tuition and administrative fees.  The board will also serve to provide a level of accountability and cooperation in campus budgetary processes, with more student and community input and involvement.

The Board will coordinate with the Administrative Fee Review Board, chaired from the office of the Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Office.


The accessibility of higher education has always been a concern among student leaders and the student body in general. Because of the continued rise in tuition and fees at the University of Colorado at Boulder, UCSU is dedicated to taking an active role of ensuring the accessibility of CU and higher education in general.  An avenue to achieving this end is working with all facets of the University community through a 'tuition and aid board' directed to provide recommendations on these issues to the Chancellor.

The advisory board was established in the "2004 Memo of Understanding re: Student Participation" between UCSU Tri-Executives and Chancellor Richard Byyny, signed April 29 2004.

The memo of understanding was a result of Legislative Council Bill '60LCB#15-Capital Construction' Section 10, 2004, which mandates the following: "An advisory board to the Chancellor shall be instituted which will make recommendations and provide input on tuition and fees at the University of Colorado Boulder. The board shall be composed of two faculty members chosen by the Boulder Faculty Assembly, two administrators, four students who will be two Tri Executives, one Legislative Council President and one speaker from the Council of Colleges and Schools. There will also be one Parent Association member, one member from the Alumni Association, one member from the University of Colorado Foundation and one ex officio member from the community at large."

Changes in board name and composition were agreed upon after passage of the bill.  The 2008-09 board changed composition further. 

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