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School of Education Doctoral Survey Alumni, Fall 2004

In November 2004, Planning, Budget, and Analysis assisted the School of Education in surveying its population of doctoral alumni students who had graduated since 1993, for whom current email addresses were available (n = 86). The survey was part of the School of Education's university review and was intended to gather data about alumni satisfaction with their doctoral program. A total of 66 alumni responded, for an unusually high response rate of 77%.

The questionnaire items were developed by School of Education staff. Planning, Budget, and Analysis staff prepared and administered a Web-based version of the questionnaire, and delivered to the School of Education an electronic data file of results.

For additional information about this survey, please contact the School of Education.

PBA: L:\IR\consult\School_of_Education\doctoral_survey04\SoEalumdoc_posting.doc

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