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Seniors' Future Plans, Spring 2010 -- Student Comments

The Excel file of students' responses to the one open-ended item on the Seniors' Future Plans survey (listed below) is password-protected. Students' responses are presented verbatim, with filters provided on college-division, PBA department, and minority group (minority vs. non-minority), so that the reader can select different subgroups of respondents by which to view the comments. The file is intended for internal administrative use only.

Open-ended Item: "Please describe the ONE thing you think CU-Boulder should (or should not) do in the future to improve the university experience for students like you."

These comments are intended to be used in improving or evaluating University units or programs, or in understanding and describing the University situation. They have not been edited in any way, and are presented verbatim. To obtain access to these comments, please complete a nondisclosure agreement.

Once you obtain access to the Excel file, it is suggested that you download it to your computer. In addition to the data filters mentioned above, you can also search for specific words within the file (e.g., "professor," "faculty," "degree," etc.).

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