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Residence in Colorado, CU-Boulder alumni 3-5 years after graduation, 2007

By residency at entry for bachelor's recipients only

Degree level Alumni with addresses
in any U.S. state*
Alumni with Colorado addresses
Count Percent
Master's 1,740 1,066 61%
Doctoral  484  210 43%
 MBA, JD not checked    
All levels 10,848 6,308 58%

Source of addresses is CU Foundation, which returned addresses for over 90% of the degree recipients we sent. Addresses are not necessarily current.

Comparable results for alumni in 2011 revealed that the proportion of alumni who chose to live in Colorado 3 to 5 years after graduation in 2011 were notably higher across all class level and residency groups than they were four years earlier for the same comparable class levels and groups of alumni in 2007.

Although a similar posting about where alumni live after graduation was done at the time of the 2003 Alumni survey, those results are not really comparable to later results, since we only had U.S. addresses available for about 60% of the population at that time.