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Residence in Colorado, CU-Boulder alumni 3-5 years after graduation, 2003

By residency at entry -- for bachelor's recipients only

Degree level Alumni with addresses
in any state*
Alumni with Colorado addresses
Count Percent
Master's 1,251 852 68%
Doctoral 386 190 49%
All degrees 6,347 4,253 67%

*Source: Sampling frame for 2003 Alumni Survey, April 2003: CU-Boulder alumni who earned a bachelor's degree between August 1998 and May 2000 and who had a U.S. address on file with the Alumni Foundation. Only about 60% of all alumni who earned degrees during this period had U.S. addresses available.

Note: These numbers differ somewhat from those reported elsewhere for the Alumni Survey because information on residency at entry is missing for 42 alumni who earned bachelor's degrees.

See the similar more recent posting from the 2007 Alumni Survey, showing proportions of alumni living in Colorado who received degrees between August 2002 and May 2004, including residency at entry for bachelor's recipients.


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