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CU-Boulder Enrollment Snapshot Index

Census FALL 2013 compared to Fall 2012 

All figures are for students with state-reportable hours ONLY.
See Snapshot Definitions for more information.

0. Enrollment Management Population by Level and Residency
1. Level by Residency
2. New Students by Admission Type
3. Headcount by School/College
4. Credit Hours by School/College
5. Diversity: Total Enrollment
6. Diversity: All Graduate-Level Students
7. Diversity: All New Graduate Students
8. Diversity: All Undergraduates
9. Diversity: All New Freshmen
10. Diversity: Resident New Freshmen
11. Diversity: All Transfers
12. Diversity: Resident Transfers
12b. Diversity: All New Undergraduates
13. Level by Full Time/Part Time Status
14. Level by Class

Last revision 09/19/13

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