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CU-Boulder Enrollment Snapshot Index

Census FALL 2003 compared to Fall 2002 

All figures are for students with state-reportable hours ONLY.
See Snapshot Definitions for more information.

1. Level by Residency
2. New Students by Admission Type
3. Headcount by School/College
4. Credit Hours by School/College

Fall 02 change in determining "international" status -- affects all diversity tables
See Snapshot Definitions for more information.

5. Diversity: Total Enrollment
6. Diversity: All Graduate-Level Students
7. Diversity: All New Graduate Students
8. Diversity: All Undergraduates
9. Diversity: All New Freshmen
10. Diversity: Resident New Freshmen
11. Diversity: All Transfers
12. Diversity: Resident Transfers
13. Level by Full Time/Part Time Status
14. Level by Class

Last revision 09/15/03

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