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Weekly registration counts by college, grad/UG, week number, and more. (Excel) Updated Mondays. Contains spring 2015 from 11/17/14 to census; summer 2015 beginning 3/9/2015; fall 2015 beginning 4/6/2015-->

Spring/summer/fall 2015 v. spring/summer/fall 2014 (Excel). Weekly headcount and reportable unit comparisons by college, grad/UG, degree seeking/not and residency. Updated Mondays. Starting posting on 11/17/2014.

One-term (or one-year) details

Over time (generally 10 years) - all for students with state-reportable hours only

  • Graduation rates and time to degree data (Definitions)
    • Freshman (including athletes), with retention rates (detail)
    • Graduate students: time to degree (table)  ||   graduation rates (table)
  • Fall enrollment data: (updated mid to late September)
    • By degreek-seeking/not (table)
    • Degree-seeking students by grad/UG and discipline college (table)
    • Degree-seeking students by grad/UG, residency, and new/continuing, with new freshmen and transfers 1988-present
      (table, Excel)
    • By college, gender, & ethnic/racial group for freshman, transfers, masters, doctoral, and all (table)
    • By ethnic/racial group and residency (Excel)
    • By college and major for freshman, transfers, masters, doctoral, and all, 1991-present (table)
    • By major: 1972, 1978-1981 (PDF) |  1982-1986 (PDF)
    • By reporting major, degree type and fiscal year, 1989-2009 (table)
    • By college, A&S division, PBA department and major, 2003-2009 (table)
    • Undergraduates by college and entry type including IUT's, 1991-present (Excel)
    • Number of students with a double major by level (Excel)
    • Number of undergraduate student minors since 1993 (Excel)  
    • Number of sub-plans since 2010 (Excel)
    • Entry majors and first declared majors (Excel)
    • Enrollments & teaching volume, selected departments, for capital planning (Excel)
    • Enrollment projections (detail)
  • Historical enrollment statistics, from 1877 to present (Excel)
  • Headcounts by credit load, college, residency and level, Summer 2004-present (Excel)
  • Trends in academic probation and suspension for 1st-year Arts & Sciences students, 2001-07 (Word)
  • Academic probation/suspension during the freshman year, by college (07/08) (Word)
  • Congressional District of fall 2014 undergraduates (Tableau)
  • Zip codes of total, undergraduate, and graduate level students, and employees (table)
  • Counties in which undergraduate, graduate level students, and employees reside (table)

One-time reports

  • TOEFL scores and GPAs: Study of the relationship between international students’ TOEFL scores and their 1st-term GPA (Word)
  • Major fidelity: Percentage of fall 2010 freshmen remaining in their entry major into their 3rd fall, by major and program (PDF)
  • Probation and Suspension in the Careers of a Freshman Cohort (table)
  • Cumulative Loan Debt Accrued by CU-Boulder Bachelor's Grads, 2014 (table)
  • Relationship of several academic, demographic, and program participation variables to graduation and retention rates, 2006 (Word)
  • RAP participation and academic success, 2011 (Word) | 2013 (Word)

**For other student-related information, see also Admissions and Financial Aid


Last revision 07/13/15

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