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CCHE Quality Indicator System (QIS)
CU-Boulder Fall 1998 Submission

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For 1998 assessments of CU-Boulder performance see


Colorado House Bill 96-1219, the "Higher Education Quality Assurance Act," CRS 23-13-105, directs CCHE (the Colorado Commission on Higher Education) to develop a quality indicator system (QIS) to measure the performance of institutions and of the state system as a whole in several areas. Its aim is improving higher education.

In June 1997 CCHE approved a set of nine indicators required for each institution -- the "state-requested" indicators. CCHE gathers some of the data for these indicators itself; institutions provide the rest.

CCHE also asked each institution to develop its own, local indicators. All information on these comes from the institution itself.  In this document these are called "local" or "CU-Boulder" indicators; there are nine.

How the QIS information is used.

CU-Boulder QIS committee members 1998

For additional information contact
Lou McClelland
Director of Institutional Analysis
CU-Boulder Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis
15 UCB, Boulder CO 80309-0015

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