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CCHE Quality Indicator System
CU-Boulder fall 2000 submission, for funding 2000-01
Graduation Year Undergraduate Assessment Program

Why change is needed

With a working assessment process in place for over 10 years, and a national reputation for leadership, why should any changes be made?

  • It's time - the process has become routine, pro forma for many programs. It's been running on "automatic pilot," with no meetings of an oversight committee in some years.
  • At the same time, the process is not defined clearly enough for many coordinators.
  • Some programs have not communicated effectively about their assessment activities and their use of assessment results to improve. In some cases these programs have not assessed outcomes at all; in others the deficit is simply in reporting.
  • The expectations of external constituencies have changed.
    • The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), our accrediting agency, places much more emphasis on accreditation now than in the '80's. NCA has asked for a "progress report on the use of assessment as a tool to improve undergraduate and graduate student learning and for institutional improvement," due fall 2003.
    • Assessment of graduating seniors' knowledge and skills in the major field is one of the CCHE QIS indicators for future years, as is assessment of general education goals for lower-division undergraduates.
    • In recent years students, employers, and parents have become more interested in information about what graduates of a particular program can be expected to know and do. They also expect delivery of this information via web.
  • CU-Boulder is paying more attention to accountability and strategic goals in its budgeting process. The introduction of a "unit merit" component in the allocation process may allow real consequences to be attached to collection and use of assessment information.

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