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CCHE Quality Indicator System
CU-Boulder fall 2000 submission, for funding 2000-01
Graduation Year Undergraduate Assessment Program

Assessment Oversight Committee members
As of November 14, 2000

Michael Grant, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, professor
and former chair of the Department of Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology

Gordon Brown, Mathematics
Shelley Copley, Chemistry
Sam Fitch, Political Science, chair
Stephen Jones, College of Journalism, Assistant Dean
Padraic Kenney, History
Merrill Lessley, College of Arts and Sciences, Associate Dean
Michael Main, Computer Science and chair of the Boulder Faculty Assembly's academic affairs committee
Ronald Melicher, Business
Elease Robbins, Dean of Students and Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
James Sherman, College of Engineering, Assistant Dean
Kumiko Takahara, East Asian Languages and Civilizations
University of Colorado Student Union student to be named

Lou McClelland, PBA
Perry Sailor, PBA

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