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Strategy Map Introduction

The CU-Boulder Strategy Map is intended as a visual overview of the strategic planning process used by the Boulder campus. The map begins, at the top, with general statements outlining the campus's statutory mission, vision, and values.

Next, the map spells out the CU-Boulder strategic goals, consistent with the Integrated Resource Management (IRMS) planning tool used by the four-campus CU system. Just below the goals is a set of "core processes" that enable the campus to reach its goals and provide a high-quality learning environment. Next are examples of process components that help illustrate the broad-based involvement and tactical responsibilities by individual units.

On either side of the map are boxes underscoring the role of external influences and outputs/evaluation on the planning process. Examples of outputs/evaluation are performance measures and quality indicators used to ensure accountability and continuous improvement. External influences include legislative oversight, state economy, partnerships with education and business entities, competition for faculty and students, among others.

All of these processes point toward setting investment priorities and decision-making, expressed in the box at bottom of the map. It is this crucial step that helps determine the future of the Boulder campus - in essence, setting the course for short-term gains and long-term success.

Last revision 03/02/15

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