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How CU-Boulder Evaluates the Experiences of its Undergraduate Students

Student surveys.  We routinely ask students about their experiences, making comparisons over CU-Boulder departments and colleges, over time, and to results for students at other public research universities across the country.  We make all results public on the Web, and use them to improve our programs.

FCQ.  Every semester, every student in every course has the opportunity to rate the course and instructor on nine key questions, and to offer "constructive comments to your instructor" on the Faculty Course Questionnaire. 70-80% respond. We make all ratings public on the Web. Instructors use the ratings and comments to improve their courses. The results are also used in promotion and tenure decisions, and used by students in selecting courses and instructors.

Graduation rates and time to degree.  We regularly check graduation rates and time to degree, and their relationship to student demographic characteristics, CU-Boulder programs, and so on. We make our results public on the Web, and use them to understand and improve the student experience at CU-Boulder.

Checking trends. Each year we update and check trends on measures in a number of goal areas, including learning and education of undergraduate students, nurturing a diverse campus environment, leading in the use and study of technology, and providing outstanding student support services. We make all trends examined, plus a narrative overview, public on the Web.

See also How CU-Boulder assesses and improves undergraduate student learning and outcomes.

Last revision 05/04/09

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