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Academic Analytics (AA) at CU-Boulder

Access to the UCB-Academic Analytics comparison data will be granted only to individuals who complete and submit the non-disclosure agreement.

The non-disclosure agreement:

  • To use AA data for internal analysis and decision making, to assist in the evaluation of departments and doctoral programs and to measure and compare faculty scholarship within CU-Boulder and amongst peers.
  • Content – AA both methods and results -- may only be distributed to and used by CU-Boulder employees, contractors and consultants (including members of the Board of Regents and Academic Review and Planning reviewers) who have a professional need or interest in using such Content for the purposes outlined above.
  • NO SCHOOLS other than CU-Boulder may be mentioned by name in discussing or presenting any results that may become public!!!
    • This is CRITICAL and must be made clear to external reviewers and all internal users. We cannot say something like “University of ABCDE is first in fisheries sciences” in a document or discussion or presentation that may be covered by the press and made public.
  • Public websites or external promotional communications of any kind referencing AA data must be approved in advance by CU-Boulder’s authorized representative (PBA as of 11/2012) and by an authorized representative of AA.
  • Every presentation or display of the Content or data derived from the Content must reference AA as the source by stating “Fundamental data provided by Academic Analytics”.
  • All these are conditions of the AA license held by CU-Boulder.

Click here to complete the non-disclosure agreement


Update, September 2014 (Powerpoint - 8/28/14)

How the U of Colorado Boulder will be represented in the Academic Analytics (AA) 2013 release – units and PhD programs, with AA unit type and ID numbers, and with UCB characteristics such as whether it’s a tenure home.

Update, Jan 2014 (1-8-2014)

Overview, Sept 2013 (9-4-2013)

In March 2013 CU-Boulder extended its contract with Academic Analytics to include releases based on faculty as of November 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Lou McClelland of CU-Boulder Planning, Budget and Analysis – Institutional Research remains a member of the Academic Analytics advisory board and will be working with schools and colleges, departments, academic review, Faculty Affairs, and others on using Academic Analytics data.

Fall 2012 Comparisons, CU-Boulder departments to others nationwide

Overview of process, products, reactions – no password required

Website with Academic Analytics 2010 database. Posted November 2012. Password-protected; methods and data are not public. For CU-Boulder internal use including Academic Review and Planning reviews. AA data are shown for most A&S natural and social sciences units, many A&S arts/humanities units, Engineering units, Business, Education, Journalism, and Law. Institutes, interdisciplinary programs, Music, and several departments/programs without PhD offerings are not included.

Academic Analytics corporate site:

Last revision 08/28/14

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