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State appropriations and tuition per in-state student FTE
for the 2011-2012 fiscal year

Selected AAU public institutions

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  • All figures are for a single fiscal year.
  • Data compiled by the University of Virginia, from a November 2011 query to all public members of the American Association of Universities. All members providing data by February 2012 are listed.
  • Except as noted in comments, state appropriation figures exclude hospitals and extension services (e.g., agricultural). If an appropriation was changed after the original allocation, that change is reflected in the amount reported. State appropriation figures do NOT include tuition
  • Enrollment figures are based on Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) enrollment definitions but limited to in-state residents. Institutions were asked to use residency status before any adjustments were made for out-of-state (OOS) students paying in-state tuition. For example, OOS graduate teaching/ research assistants changed to in-state status for tuition purposes should not have been counted here.
  • FTE enrollment is estimated based on full-time headcount plus one-third of the part-time headcount.

Institutional comments

Georgia Tech
State appropriations exclude state funding for the Georgia Tech Research Institute, the Advanced Technology Development Center, and the Economic Development Institute. Appropriations figure also excludes Research Consortium Funds and Special Initiative Funding.

Indiana University
State appropriation and enrollment figures are for Bloomington campus only. Appropriations figure excludes ARRA (federal stimulus) funds redirected by the state administration to K-12.

Iowa State University
The appropriations figure includes $17,936,722 for Cooperative Extension and $28,111,877 for the Experiment Station (Agriculture and Home Economics).

Michigan State University
Appropriation figure excludes $29,107,871 for the ag experiment station and $25,096,729 for cooperative extension. When doctoral students have passed their comprehensive examinations, they can enroll with 1 credit and be considered full-time.

Ohio State University
Included in the state appropriations are instructional funding, mission-based core funding, and one OSU-specific line item, the OSU Glenn Institute.

Penn State University
The appropriations amount shown represents the equivalent of previous years' E&G line items. Headcount enrollments include the following campuses: University Park, Commonwealth Campusus, Great Valley, and The Dickinson School of Law.

Purdue University
Appropriations exclude $25.2 million in debt service appropriations and $26.8 million in line items including the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service. Statewide Technology is included. Regional campuses have been excluded.

University of Arizona
State appropriations figure excludes the Agriculture Cooperative Extension amount of $11,079,800. It also excludes the University Medical Center but includes College of Medicine.

University of Colorado
Enrollments shown are actual as of fall 2012 and should be considered final. Enrollments shown are limited to in-state with enrollment reportable to the state for funding. This excludes self-funded continuing education.

University of Florida
State appropriations include general revenue and lottery trust fund. Enrollment is 2012 preliminary enrollment; official fall 2012 enrollment will be available in February 2013.

University of Illinois
State appropriation includes a share of University Administration funding and centrally held resources. State appropriation figure does not include tuition revenues. It also does not include the value of state-supported fringe benefit costs estimated at $419,385,100. State appropriation excludes restricted appropriations for the following: Cooperative Extension Service = $12,250,530; Ag Experiment Station = $13,735,928; and State Scientific Surveys = $16,821,000. In-state enrollments are based on permanent address and exclude non-resident alien students.

University of Kansas
State Appropriations equals State General Fund Appropriations - Operations, and excludes state appropriations for the Kansas Geological Survey.

University of Maryland - College Park
Appropriations figure excludes $19,458,892 for Agricultural Extension and $17,717,228 for the Experiment Station.

University of Michigan
Annual FTE is derived from total fiscal year student credit hours (SCH) taught by student degree level and residency. Aggregated SCH are divided by the following divisors to get an annual full-time-equivalent: (1) 30 undergraduate SCH = 1 FTE; (2) 24 masters SCH = 1 FTE; (3) 16 doctoral SCH = 1 FTE; (4) 1 first-professional student enrolled at any time in the fiscal year = 1 FTE.

University of Missouri
Appropriations figure excludes University Extension and University Hospital but includes $10,597,191 for the Agricultural Experimentation Station.

State University of New York - Buffalo
State appropriations reported include fringe benefits and debt service paid by New York State.

State University of New York - Stony Brook
"State Appropriations" figure shown does not include any campus generated revenue (i.e. tuition, interest, miscellaneous fees) which supports its financial plan. It also does not include the value of state-supported fringe benefit costs which are not paid for with local appropriation.

University of North Carolina
State appropriations amount is projected and excludes Area Health Consortium funds. The full-time/part-time headcounts for graduate students were adjusted so that students taking thesis credit hours are counted as full-time even though they may be enrolled for fewer than 9 hours.

University of Pittsburgh
State appropriations include the following line items: General Support (allocated to E&G, Disadvantaged Students, Services for Teens at Risk, and Student Life Initiatives); Rural Education Outreach; and Academic Medical Center Funding (School of Medicine, Dental Clinic, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, and Center for Public Health Practice).

University of Washington
Data given are for all campuses of the University of Washington (Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma).


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