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State appropriations and tuition per in-state student FTE
for the 2011-2012 fiscal year

Selected AAU public institutions

Last updated 02/24/2012

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PDF of all four state appropriations web pages

State appropriations (from state tax dollars) and tuition revenues fund educational expenditures of public universities for in-state or resident students. Per-resident-student appropriations and tuition can be compared across institutions.

Among the 25 public research universities with available data, CU-Boulder's 2011-12 state appropriation per in-state resident FTE (full-time student equivalent) of $3,243 ranks lowest.
CU-Boulder's resident tuition plus fees rate of $9,152 is the 12th lowest. The combined state appropriation per resident FTE and tuition plus fees ranks lowest and is $8,528 less than the average for all institutions, and $7,863 less than the average for institutions without a medical school.

CU-Boulder state appropriation figures for FY 2009-10 and FY 2010-11 EXCLUDED state appropriation 'backfill' from federal American Relief and Recovery Act (ARRA, stimulus) funds (per University of Virginia instructions). FY 2011-12 did not have any ARRA funds. We are uncertain how this was handled at other institutions. Please see the notes for more information.

Data source: Compiled by the University of Virginia, from a November 2011 query to all public members of the American Association of Universities. All members providing data by February 2012 are listed.

Institutional changes: Georgia Institute of Technology and Iowa State University data were added for FY 2011-2012. Univeristy of Nebraska - Lincoln was removed from FY 2011-2012 results due to their AAU membership ending in April, 2011.

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Last revision 03/01/12

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