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Department of Spanish and Portugese
Graduate Outcomes Assessment

Spring 2003

Submitted by Emilio Bejel, Chair

Graduate Program improvements in the last two to three years:

The Graduate Program of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at CU has made great improvements in the last two to three years. The most dramatic improvement has been the hiring of four excellent assistant professors: Juan Pablo Dabove (Latin Americanist), Leila Lehnen (Brazilianist), Esther Brown (Linguist), and Vincent Barletta (Arabic-Medievalist). Although two of them were replacements of senior professors and a third one was a conversion of a senior instructor who retired a year ago, it is nevertheless a considerable achievement for our department to have been able to hire our first choices for these positions.

Other achievements of our graduate program have been the 100% placement of our graduates, both at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels. The last two Ph.D. graduates have just signed contracts with Texas A&M University and the University of Tulsa. This is the result of the constant improvement of our job-training program for graduating students. We conduct mock filmed interviews with each one of them and several other exercises that prepare them very well for the MLA interviews.

In addition, our graduate curriculum has been expanded to include cutting-edge topics like Spanish film, gay/lesbian studies, women studies, cultural studies, and the like. We continue receiving a good number of applications from excellent prospective graduate students, and we are able to bring most of those we accept. Our Graduate Associate Chair makes sure to contact each one of the finalists so that we can try to bring them to our program. We have also provided a small amount of financial assistance for those prospective students who want to visit our campus before deciding whether to accept our offer or go to another university.


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