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Department of Psychology Graduate Assessment
January 22, 2003


I. How would you rate the following aspects of the education offered in your department?

A. Academic experience

All (1996-2002)
2.83 3.23 1. Variety of course offerings in your area
4.43 4.63 2. Faculty expertise in your area
4.00 3.98 3. Quality of course instruction in your department
3.86 3.85 4. Level of difficulty of courses in your area
3.40 3.67 5. Level of difficulty of courses outside your area
4.00 4.30 6. Research experience in field of interest

B. Additional educational experiences

2002 All    
3.29 3.72 7. Contributions of invited speakers, visiting lecturers
3.86 3.78 8. Opportunities for academic discussions with other students
2.75 3.79 9. Value of internship experiences
4.00 4.25 10. Opportunities for presentation of student research

II. How would you evaluate the following aspects of the advising offered by your faculty mentor/advisor?

2002 All    
4.43 4.20 11. Availability
3.83 3.79 12. Counseling in selecting coursework
4.00 4.05 13. Guidance in identifying and developing a research topic
3.86 4.13 14. Guidance in conducting research
3.33 3.47 15. Career advising

III. How would you rate the following resources in your department at CU-Boulder?

2002 All    
4.17 4.17 16. Resources and equipment available for specialized research techniques
4.43 4.55 17. Computer support for research or training
3.40 3.24 18. Teacher training (through Lead Graduate Teacher or other)
2.86 2.87 19. Instruction in writing grant proposals/fellowship applications
4.29 3.83 20. Opportunities for interaction with faculty besides advisor
4.33 3.85 21. Opportunities for discussions with other students
3.57 3.59 22. Library resources in your area of study

IV. How would you rate the following aspects of the enrollment and retention processes in your department?

2002 All    
3.40 3.72 23. Admissions requirements
3.75 3.44 24. Placement examinations
3.67 3.65 25. Qualifying examinations
4.00 3.84 26. Thesis evaluation
3.75 3.97 27. Final oral examinations
3.83 3.51 28. Graduate advising in department
3.43 3.50 29. Departmental information before enrolling
3.83 3.68 30. Graduate admissions process
4.50 4.22 31. Availability of financial support
3.50 4.06 32. Availability of opportunities for employment on campus
2.75 3.00 33. Availability of opportunities for internships

V. How would you rate the following aspects of the environment of your department?

2002 All    
3.86 4.18 34. Intellectual climate
3.71 4.08 35. Academic caliber of graduate studies
3.29 3.29 36. Presentation of diverse viewpoints in your classes
3.43 2.92 37. Diversity in the student enrollment
3.71 3.44 38. Informal social atmosphere
3.43 2.95 39. Opportunities for student feedback/criticism of program

VI. So that we can improve the graduate education offered by your department, would you please rank the following skills from most important (#1) to least important (#6):

2002 All    
2.29 2.05 40. Development of research topics
2.17 2.00 41. Critical thinking
2.20 2.70 42. Oral presentation
2.57 2.58 43. Writing
2.75 3.04 44. Specific skills in laboratory technique
3.00 2.78 45. Specific skills in field techniques
2.43 2.51 46. Statistics
3.00 3.05 47. Seminars to introduce ideas or current literature

48. What was the best aspect of your experience at CU-Boulder and in your department?

001 Area had many opportunites to attend and present work at professional meetings. Faculty and support system outstanding.

002 Interacting with profs and grad students enhanced knowledge of area. Opportunity to travel to meetings and conferences.

003 Excellent mentoring. Excellent research atmosphere. Excellent faculty and most courses.

004 The invaluable training and guidance I received in my laboratory.

005 High quality of faculty and visiting researchers. Availability of computing facilitites.

006 Outside supervision. Opportunities for employment. Clinical training.

008 Coursework, speakers, intellectual climate

009 Grad Stats with Judd/McClelland, ability to switch research advisors and work with mentor outside of department, comaraderie/support from graduate students, and clinical externship at Multicultural Counseling Center

010 My advisor.

011 Balance of clinical training with academic rigor and diversity.

012 Knowledge of faculty, development of ability to conduct research

013 Teaching and research opportunities. Field placements at local clinical agencies.

014 My advisor.

015 My relationship with my dissertation advisor. An outstanding researcher, mentor and human being.

016 My exposure to clinical research. I was fortunate in that I was in an active research lab where I got to study the sample for whom I was providing treatment. I also was able to work with a group of students which I would not have had, had I not been in an active lab.

018 Smart, available professors

020 [Entire typed page of comments. See attached.]

021 The excellent cooperative atmosphere among the students.

024 The TAing experience.

025 Working directly with various faculty members.

026 Quality of research advisors; TA/RA support; computer facilities

028 The data analysis instruction; faculty

029 Excellent classmates, intellectually, socially, support. Facilitated switch to new advisor. Research with advisor outside the Dept.

031 My advisor and the resources offered to me in my area of the Psych Dept.

033 Getting to do stuff I love and think about fascinating issues, while working with impressive people and being in a stimulating environment, every day.

037 Access to multitude of courses and resources germane to my area of interest. An advisor who saw his role as opening doors rather than "directing" my path.

038 Research lab with 4 faculty members.

039 Working with my advisor and our lab group, as well as the other students and faculty. The exchange of ideas was always fun and interesting.

040 Mentoring from Linda and Ed Craighead. Clinical psychology course work. Research opportunities. Clinical training.

49. What changes would you suggest to improve the graduate experience at CU-Boulder?

001 Need more diverse faculty and student body. Have grad student's present work in a colloquium type format.

002 Increase diversity.

003 Better advising from advisors and secretaries on required documents for graduating.

004 Make courses more challenging and make requirements more consistent (i.e., qualifying exams).

005 Students tend to become isolated in their labs. Provide a more structured way for students in one lab to attend meetings for lab groups in related areas.

008 Better advising from mentor. Time spent advising should be just as important as time spent teaching classes, and a requirement for faculty.

009 More opportunity for clinical externships and clinical training, particularly with children, testing, minorities, families and at outside sites.

011 Increase number and variety of clinical training opportunities; continue TA opportunites into 4th year.

012 More classes in cognitive program (already underway).

013 Faculty being more supportive.

014 Greater diversity in the student population.

015 Hire more faculty members--But not the kind that will use graduate students to get tenure, then disappear from the department.

016 One thing that was clear after my internship experience was how nonsupportive the environment is in the clinical dept. Students and faculty are able to provide the support that would greatly enhance the program. From discussing this with other, older graduates this is a change. I'm not sure how one cultivates a supportive, safe, intellectually stimulating, nurturing environment.

018 More summer support opportunities. Had awful TA experience with Dr. Blechman & regret that she was hired with tenure. A bad decision by clinical psych.

024 Less emphasis of research…need to emphasize teaching non-research ideas more.

025 Need more interaction between students in the various subdisciplines.

026 More grant writing preparation

028 More advanced seminars

029 Critically evaluated faculty re teaching, mentoring, ethics and hold them more accountable

031 A grant writing workshop or class. Ability to rotate to other labs within area (on a very limited basis) to understand what others are working on.

032 Dept. requirements and expectations need to be more clearly conveyed to potential graduate students.

033 Establish a permanent career brown-bag series. Offer more "content" courses. Get rid of practicum requirement.

037 Broaden the academic experience- too few students venture into other disciplines to enrich perspective or thinking on Psychology issues- lots of cloning in the department vs. innovative thinking. Focus on scholarship vs. producing technicians looking to replicate (yet again) an effect.

038 More feedback to students regarding progress - greater focus on what I need to get an academic job.

039 Encourage as much collaboration as possible.

50. Do you have any additional comments about your department?

001 Too much disconnect between the areas. No community among the department.

003 Fabulous experience here in CU in Psych. Wonderful people make up this department.

004 Overall great experience.

009 Since the clinical area has changed quite a bit in the last 3 years, the above comments may be less applicable. Overall, it is a great clinical faculty.

010 It was great! Thank you!

011 For god's sake, do NOT cut back on clinical emphasis of program in favor of academic/research focus--keep them equally balanced!

012 Availability of faculty to students is critical. I had a bad experience with a previous advisor who was unavailable to help me.

013 In the past, the clinical work at Raimy was valuable but lacked testing opportunities. I'm glad this is changing.

015 My horrible experience with my masters thesis advisor demonstrated that graduate students have no meaningful recourse against abuses by faculty members. I would suggest some sort of grievance process where graduate students are protected from repercussions from bitter and angry faculty members.

016 The department has been in flux since I came into the program. During times of flux people's ability to be available and present are greatly hampered. Perhaps if the department became stable, the qualities that are currently lacking would begin to grow.

018 No. It's top notch. Only had one lousy prof in psych in 5 yrs!

026 I am very satisfied with my time at CU. Thank you.

029 Miklowitz is a great teacher. So are McClelland and Judd. Jon and Ernie are irreplaceable.

032 This department needs to foster more opportunities for students across disciplines to engage in intellectual discussions.

037 I saw the department as a stepping stone to other opportunities/courses in the University - great foundation, but not enough within the department to build a compete "house" in terms of my academic needs. Not really a place for interdisciplinary types, but I appreciated everyone tolerating me while I was here!

039 I'll miss it.

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