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These examples are from the PBA 1997-98 senior and 1998 alumni survey report.

  • 85% of alumni are employed fulltime within four years after graduation from CU-Boulder, half of them in Colorado, and 75% are satisfied with their current job. About 45% take graduate-level coursework in that time, and 80 plan to eventually complete an advanced degree.

  • 56% of employed alumni are in a job directly or closely related to their field of study at CU-Boulder. Two-thirds of those in unrelated jobs are there by their own choice.

  • One third of seniors who plan to pursue full-time employment after graduation report having a substantial amount of experience in jobs related to their field while still enrolled at CU-Boulder. At the time the survey was conducted (February-March), 43% had already applied for a job. Of these, 59% had a job offer already, up from 45% in 1996. Of seniors who said they were likely to be full-time students at the end of the following year, 46% had already applied for graduate school; of these, 49% had offers.

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