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Assessment Oversight Committee
Recent relevant PBA activities
April 11, 2002

Emphasis on information for departments

  • Read all PRP self studies submitted February 2002
    • Some mention of undergraduate outcomes assessment
      • Spanish and Portugese, important to self-study conclusions, but vague correspondence to reports submitted to PBA
      • Poli Sci, no mention in PRP despite excellent use in considering curriculum and teaching
    • Noted types of information used to discuss undergrad and grad education
  • Attended PRP kick-off meeting for departments submitting self-studies February 2003
  • Expanded participation in the National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity, also known as The Delaware Study.
  • Posted links to department-specific information on many topics, plus some comparative data, at
    • Designed for departments doing PRP self-studies, unit merit submissions, or even internal management
    • Includes links to Delaware study, surveys, degrees, majors, credit hour production FCQ results, salaries, GPA's, outcomes assessment
  • Started work to revise our survey cycle to produce more department-specific information
    • From alumni 3-4 years out, both graduate and undergraduate, every 3 years
    • From seniors every 3 years

NSSE - National Survey of Student Engagement

  • 2002 collection under way now
  • Still heading consortium of AAU public institutions. Will meet (briefly, at another conference) with other participants in 2 weeks
  • Presentations to Deans Council, Associate Deans, Student Affairs, others, on NSSE and senior survey results
  • Preparing to post comparative results by discipline - UCB computer science vs. CS majors at other AAU public institutions

Check-up on NCA requirements

  • Requirements and comments are posted at
  • The required report is due April 1 2003 (in one place NCA says fall 03; presume earlier is correct). NCA made their recommendations April 2000. We are two-thirds of the way to the report date.
  • Essentials of the requirement
    • We are supposed to use assessment as a tool for institutional improvement, particularly in graduate education
    • The report's audience is internal, with "a copy to NCA."
    • The specific suggestions do not match the tone of the other comments - for example, they don't mention graduate education! Specific suggestions
      • State and measure achievement of educational goals and desired outcomes for all undergraduates
      • Examine the student experience "in a more comprehensive way including both experiences inside and outside the classroom."
      • Form a "high profile campus-level assessment steering committee."
    • See notes on other "should's"
  • Relevant activities since April 2000
    • Committee, with members and charge. Posted, including minutes.
    • Graduate school added to committee
    • Committee guidelines for departments, change in reporting cycle, funding process, and visits to departments. Nothing posted yet.
    • NSSE 2000 and 2002, national consortium, postings, presentations. Posted.
    • PBA links to departtment-specific info posted.
    • Unit merit process for departments, where the department as a whole is the referent and comparisons to peers and other UCB departments are required.
      • Addition of unit merit submissions to PRP self-studies
      • New A&S requirement that every department do at least one unit merit submission between PRP's
      • Note: Although unit merit, PRP, and PBA links do not emphasize student learning outcomes, they do emphasize achievements of the department as whole and comparisons over time, over UCB departments, and with peer institutions. Eventually this will turn to learning outcomes, one of a departments end goals.
    • New research coordinator in the graduate school. Evaluation of current survey cycle.
      Prior discussions say that at the graduate level, the issue is department/aggregate use of info on learning outcomes, not a lack of information on individual student outcomes.
    • Revision of the A&S writing program
    • Posting of info on "campus performance indicators," including many on academic neighborhoods and other outside the classroom experiences. See -- SEE UG section

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