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AOC Minutes, April 16, 2012

Action Items in bold
Submitted by Deborah Viles

Attending: Michael Grant, Deb Keyek-Franssen, Mark Werner, Mark Gammon, Jim Davis Rosenthal, Gardiner Tucker, Rolf Norgaard, Stephen Jones, Terry Mayes, Deborah Viles, Alphonse Keasley, and guests from OIT and instructional design Absent: John Stevenson, Darna Dufour, Greg Carey, Ron Melichor

  1. Mark Werner from OIT gave an overview of Desire2Learn (D2L) analytics, which is basically large scale data analysis. D2L is the new learning management system (LMS) on campus. The migration should be complete by fall. According to Deb K-F, almost all students will interface with D2L in at least one course. About 70% of our courses use the LMS to some extent, and nearly 100% of our large lecture courses use it. D2L analytics should be available shortly to anyone using D2L in a class. D2L can run standard and custom reports than might help improve learning and teaching. It can track things like grade distribution, enrollment, attendance, student engagement (measured as clicks on the course site). It can be set up to track progress through rubrics set up by course professors or departments. Itís possible for end-users to run queries or for there to be standard queries that users can request, or for custom queries to be built. It might be possible, for example, for us to enter our campus learning outcomes (CLO) and for departments to decide how they might measure one or more of those outcomes. We could then see an institutional indication of how well weíre meeting the CLOs. Mark is interested in knowing what questions we have about D2L and how we might want to use it. Direct any queries to Mark Werner.

    Mark also gave us an overview of the new campus wide survey tool, Qualtrics. Qualtrics is available now to any campus user with an identikey at Thereís a tutorial available for new users, and itís likely that this fall OIT will offer training and support by fall. The system allows users to build surveys and to generate reports in a variety of formats. It also houses a survey library where users can share surveys. Questions about training can be directed to Deb Keyek-Franssen.

  2. Mike updated the committee about ALEKS, the new math placement tool being rolled out. Eventually all incoming first-year students will be required to take the placement which will advise them about the proper level math course for their knowledge and skills. ALEKS will provide students with predictions of their likely success in a course based on their score. Students are supposed to take the placement before orientation. The placement instructions advise students to expect to spend up to two hours on the test, and most students complete it in about 90 minutes. The system is currently advisory only.

  3. The committee provided updates about assessment efforts in their areas:

    Jim Davis Rosenthal: The Student Affairs Assessment Oversight Committee (SAAOC) has begun publishing a web newsletter monthly, The Takeaway to highlight assessment activity and outcomes in the division of Student Affairs. Itís been well-received so far. JDR suggested that the May newsletter might focus on the senior survey results to make staff more aware of the information available in that survey. A suggestion was made that it might be useful for all faculty and staff to see The Takeaway. Jim will check with Deb Coffin and report back to us.

    Terry Mayes reported that the College of Engineering has several surveys up now, and while theyíve experienced some technical difficulties, they should have new data coming in. They expect begin using Qualtrics for their surveys in the future.

    Steve Jones noted that the School of Journalism and Mass Communication is preparing for their reaccreditation site visit. They are conducting a pre and post test assessment for their Masterís program and they expect that all professional masterís projects will be reviewed by a professional expert in the field.

    Mark Werner noted that soon analytics will be available for the lecture capture service as well.
    Alphonse Keasley reported that all of the Chancellorís advisory committees will be posting their histories on the CU website.

    Rolf Norgaard shared that the Program for Writing and Rhetoric is continuing to administer and track the questions from the NSSE/WPA collaboration. In 2009 as part of the NSSE administration, the WPA added 27 questions specifically about writing. Rolf would like to see us administer that version of NSSE every 3 years of so for benchmarking purposes. Rolf will check with Lou about the feasibility. NB: done. Lou is looking into it.

    Lou McClelland: Lou was unable to attend the meeting, but sent a list of updates and requests for help from the committee. We did not have a chance to cover all items. The committee should take a look at the requested items highlighted in pink and contact Lou with comments or suggestions. We briefly discussed the VSA pages. Terry has already sent Engineering updates. No one else suggested changes at the meeting, but all a requested to look at their information for accuracy. As far as using the senior survey, Alphonse suggested putting together a group of engaged professionals on campus to talk about the results, much as happened with the climate survey. Jim suggested that the results might be the focus of a future issue of The Takeaway. Other suggestions are welcomed.

    Mike also provided an update on the advising recommendations made by the Campus Advising Exploratory Group that the Provost recently recommended. The recommendations are posted on the Provostís website. Mike is seeking feedback on the recommendations.

  4. Next steps: Mike and Deborah will be asking units that have previously done ARP reviews to submit a report updating their progress. We will also be contacting units undergoing review in the coming years.


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