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AOC Minutes, December 11, 2008

Submitted by Deborah Viles
Action Items in bold

Attending: Darna Dufour, Jane Curtis, Michael Grant, Deborah Viles, Rolf Norgaard, Lou McClelland, Perry Sailor, Greg Carey, Ron Melicher, Terry Mayes

Absent: John Stevenson, Sam Fitch, Steve Jones, Deb Coffin, Gardiner Tucker, Merrill Lessley (withdrawing from the committee)

NB: Change in agenda order

  1. Annual reports from departments: Mike posed the questions 1) what does the AOC recommend we do about acquiring reports from departments, and 2) how do we make it work? After discussion, the AOC recommends the following:
    • Mike will notify the associate deans in all colleges that the AOC expects reports from each unit; the expectation will be that units report data from an ethnographic approach rather than a number-crunching approach with a focus on Improving Undergraduate Education
    • We will ask chairs to exchange information with the committee in one of several ways; a written report, an interview, via emailed questions: Mike and Deborah will work on the format of the exchange
    • The AOC will provide feedback on the reports
    • Mike will ask Jeff Cox to provide access to question #4 of all current ARPs which the committee will review and use as appropriate for the accreditation report
    • The AOC will consider summarizing departmental information for public posting

    In a related discussion, Lou made several suggestions the AOC adopted:

    • The AOC should write an annual report to be posted on the website and disseminated in other appropriate ways: Mike and Deborah will begin developing with an intent to finish in late spring; some items to include: CAT, System Assessment Task Force, NSSE/WPA sample, interviews in Student Affairs, ARP questions and review, accreditation report
    • The AOC website will be updated to include assessment information in three general categories: 1) skill and knowledge goals, 2) general education/core requirements, and 3) campus-wide assessment efforts; information will be arranged according to colleges and divisions, with best practices highlighted

  2. MN conference and next steps: The University of MN has adopted campus-wide learning outcomes that provide a clear structure for campus initiatives and assessment. Lou reported that University of Wisconcin-Madison has also adopted learning outcomes by empowering a small committee to look at existing documents to develop their goals. The AOC recommends we follow a similar process to develop campus-wide goals: Deborah and Mike will begin reviewing documents to identify themes. We will look at the Flagship 2030 document, the CCHE Pathways document, CUís 2008 Performance Contract, current ARPs, the knowledge and skill goals listed in the catalog, among other things.
  3. Follow up from 11/17/08 meeting: Mike will draft a letter to the AAU Publics that also attended the U of MN conference to see if there is support to ask NASULGC to expand the testing options available for use with College Portrait and will circulate to the AOC for feedback.
  4. Other business: Lou and Rolf announced that our next NSSE cycle will consist of a split sample that includes questions regarding the role of writing in the undergraduate experience based on the WPA guidelines.


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